Anyone familiar with the Phonebloks Project?

Anyone familiar with the Phoneblok Project? 

techguru144 years ago
Saw this about a week ago. I don't think this will ever catch on. The phone industry would fight this until their death. Phone manufacturers depend on phone parts breaking so that they are able to make more money. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that companies purposely build phones so that they will break around every 2 years. This is similar to washing machines with their rubber drive belts. When the belt wears out, many people will simply throw out their washing machine instead of just buying a new belt. Manufacturers could easily make belts out of metal that would last forever, but they choose not to.

I personally like the idea and would like to see this happen, however from what I've seen before, this just doesn't look too promising. We'll see though.

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junits154 years ago
it's a cool idea though it's going to be hard to make an interface plate like they mention that truly allows the parts to be placed anywhere
Brinith4 years ago
Just saw it a couple days ago. If this can actually get funding, this can be quite an advancement considering the facts listed in the video (less e-waste, modular replacement, etc.)
Kiteman4 years ago
No. Fascinating idea, though.