Anyone have a CHUMBY yet ?

The CHUMBY article
And the CHUMBY device site itself

Physically, the device is just plain cute. The 3.5 inch display is enclosed in a padded leather beanbag that can be smushed to sit at different angles. In addition to the touch screen, there's one switch at the top and a 3D accelerometer in the unit, which some games use. The device also has two USB ports, for users who want to hack it; the BIOS and schematics are open source and the product is based on Linux. The Chumby site even encourages people to take apart their unit and reassemble it in new ways.

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I started a topic a while ago about the chumby. It looks really really cool! I would love to get one. If I did get one I would want an Orb widget but they don't have one right now. Maybe if I learn flash I can make the widget.
Goodhart (author)  joejoerowley9 years ago
Oh sorry, had I known, I would have just added my article to your thread. I got notification of the Chumby from ZNET and didn't really check to see if anyone else had put something up on it or not.
Thats ok. I don't mind. Let me know if you get a chumby. Maybe you can write a review for the forums.
Goodhart (author)  joejoerowley9 years ago
Well, don't hold your breath on that one :-) I haven't many funds and my wife is more of a drain than a watershed LOL
I don't currently have a job (I am 14) but I do sell cheap crap I buy on the internet to kids at school. I buy these tv remotes that control any tv for $2.15 (bulk discount) and sell them for $6. I make pretty good money that way. I guess I only need to sell about 47 remotes to pay for it. Not bad.
Goodhart (author)  joejoerowley9 years ago
Well, I am not much of a salesman myself. I am more like the geek behind the scenes that has troubles just talking with customers LOL
I am not really a salesman either, but I am a good bullshitter :)I love to make up words about what I am selling it is so fun.
Goodhart (author)  joejoerowley9 years ago
am not really a salesman either, but I am a good bullshitter

Um, that is what a salesman is normally LOL
No joke, no joke. I hate the door to door salesmen, but I got to say the Jehovah's witness people are worse. Don't get me wrong, its cool if your a jehovah's witness but I don't want too or feel the need to join a religion right no so they stop leaving papers all over my front door.
you can say no to our liturature, but we are just doing what the bible tells us. To preach the word.
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