Anyone here familiar with costume design?

I'm wanting to try dressing up for Wizard World Chicago. All of my friends have decided I should go as Psylocke. (I was thinking Blink, and might fall back on that if this doesn't work out.) However, I'm having problems getting started. I can't find very good resources. I need a place to find vinyl (pleather) and some idea on how to make her psyblade. Or even just some decent sites with free costume desgin info. I also need to find a swimsuit pattern to work from, as they don't seem to have patterns for anything a superhero would wear. ;) Here's so pictures of her, in case you all aren't familiar. Any help would be appreciated. I'm hoping that with all the talent on this site someone will have a better idea than I do. :P

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its a lion10 years ago
i wish i would have known about this thread back then. i have a toy of the sword you could have used for inspiration... or you could have just carried it, only problem being its 1 inch long...
westfw10 years ago
Well, how did it go? A friend of ours was at ComicCon in San Diego, and is recognizable in a photo that appeared in TV guide (just one of 100+ faces in the crowd at the panel, but still recognizable. Pretty cool. We got it autographed. :-) It sounded ... like way too many people for me to deal with. I'll stick to the less-than-10000 attendee Cons :-(
jessyratfink (author)  westfw10 years ago
I have let the instructables community down, haha. I was so broke I couldn't go to Wizard World. The timing was crap, really. School was too close and I needed money for textbooks, blargh! But I would still like to try. I'll just have to keep brainstorming and attempt it in a period when I have some free time and extra money! :D
CAbeachguy10 years ago
There is a famous bodysuit (Spanx) designed for women that is now mass produced (the woman on "american Inventor" came up with it). I'd say buy one of those in your size, and then get the right wolor of shiny fabric paint and silkscreen your design right onto the bodysuit. Check out some silkscreening sites. Get a mannequin from goodwill or some store that is being put out of business by WalMart, put the bodysuit on the mannequin, start taping orr the areas you don't want to screen over, then just use a silk screeners squeegee (basically a piece of 1/4 " thick rubber with a good clean edge on it) to squeegee the paint right on and into the fabric. You could do the legs, arms, swimsuit portion, etc. and then just hotmelt glue/attach the garter belts to the outside of it to make it look really authentic. you could do the same with the fabric at the top of the painted on "boots" to make that look very realistic as well. Then just get some CFM heels that match the color of the fabric paint (or paint them the same color) and you'd be done. Vwalla! Instant sex symbol anime' character
westfw10 years ago
Um. If you get it working, post pictures...

How much experience to do you have sewing? I don't think a form-fitting vinyl thing is a very good early costume project. (and how much experience do you have WEARING something like that. Recall that guys are basically jerks. Even at Cons. (Comment overheard at BayCon: "Wow! Those are ... a nice corset."))

Suggestion 1) buy and modify some existing vinyl fetishware. (try eBay. This looks like a good starting point (but I don't actually see the leotard in their store.)

Suggestion 2) Check over on the Playalicious Playwear forum (this is where the Burning Man folk hang out and discuss costumes.)

Suggestion 3) Here are some possibly relevant online fabric stores:
Stretch House Spandex
Distinctive Fabric
Spandex World

The psyblade has all the difficulties of a light saber, plus it's supposed to originate from her fist? That's pretty tough...

(An oft-overlooked superpower is the ability to defy the laws of physics and materials science to permit a highly unlikely costume to stay on, in place, and undamaged through ferocious battles...)
jessyratfink (author)  westfw10 years ago
Haha, I know that they can be jerks. But I'll have body guards. Three of them, actually. ;) I have a bit of experience sewing. I think I'd be okay. If I can't figure something out I have tons of pattern and design books. And thanks for the websites! I'll look there. I was thinking about modifying another piece of clothing if it wouldn't be that expensive. :) I'll definitely post pictures if and when I figure this out and it looks okay. If I feel I won't look good in it, I'm just going to scrap it, though. They don't need anymore frumpy badly done costumes at Wizard World, that's for sure!
You need one of these Goonish Hammers
Have you sewn strechy stuff like spandex before? That's a pain of a different color. Looking at the pics (except for the purple collar) Blink's costume looks far easier to do. You sure are determined to show a lot of leg!
jessyratfink (author)  royalestel10 years ago
Hahaha, not really. I don't even really like my legs. But I'm starting up exercising hardcore again, so weeeeee. And if it's possible that I can pull it off and look good doing it, I might as well show some leg! (and butt, if I go with Psylocke...) And I have sewn stretchy material. I haven't done any big projects, but I think I at least have a feel for it. :)
Lextone10 years ago
I recommend making a prototype out of scrap material first using a simple whip stitch that can be undone and redone until a perfect fit can be established. Then working on the final product from the more expensive final material(leather-pleather-vinyl). Another way to do it, is to fashion a spandex form fitting suit then having someone paint over it with latex (obtained at any reputable fetish shop). It is a one time use costume, depending on the pattern you develop. The arm and thigh bands can be directly applied to the skin and will not slip. The advantage to the Latex is, it comes in many colors. Stays in place. can accommodate any impossible design you can imagine. The downside to this method is it is very hot. Depending on your design, trips to the ladies room may not be possible. If you are sensitive to Latex this can produce a pretty nasty skin rash. And Finally, anywhere you directly apply it to your skin there can be no hair, or else there will be none when it is painfully removed. (you can shave or apply a light coat of vasoline) As far as the psyblade .....I have no good Ideas off the top of my head....but I'll think about it..... Good luck and I hope this helps spur more Ideas....
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