Anyone know how to make meade?

Someone really should make an instructable on how to make meade. That is all.

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dangerdoug8 years ago

This is a really simple instructible on making mead, incase you haven't figured it out in 2 years! LOL

I'm making all kinds of it and enjoy it thoroughly!!
KentsOkay10 years ago
Mead is a sickly sweet alcholic beverage made with the natural frementation of honey. It was very popular with the ancient Celts, but the Romans thought it was disguting (my sentiments exactly). I accidently made some when I left a bottle of home-made mint tea sweetend with honey in the refrigerator for a month. I took a couple gulps of my tea without realising how long it had been in their. My first reaction was to hurl, but then I wanted more. It wasn't until I had drunk nealy a pint (I had made a gallon jug) did I realize what happened. To confirm my theory, I set the remaining lot alight. Only then did I realize the agony of Jack Sparrow when Elizabeth set the rum on fire. I had a screaming tummy and head ache for the next several days. I really don't recomend making it, it's bloody awful until youv'e downed more than a cupfull, I think it's because your to tipsy to know what's going on.
stevoIution (author)  KentsOkay10 years ago
Hahaha cheers! I might give it a go anyway because I'm pretty sure you didn't accidently make it according to a mead recipe ; )
UPDATE Refined the production technique, it's bloody wonderful stuff! I'll pm it to you if you are still interested.
stevoIution (author)  KentsOkay9 years ago
Gave up on mead. The honey sucks all of the water out of the yeast, killing it. Too much fine tuning and balancing for my liking.
Try ginger beer, I'm gone a give it a go...
stevoIution (author)  KentsOkay9 years ago
Ginger beer is the way to go. Has to be made with fresh ginger to taste any good though. Don't bother with the pre-made syrup, just get a good recipe.
The one I know of uses baker's yeast, sugar, water, and ginger. Fewer additives probably is better...
stevoIution (author)  KentsOkay9 years ago
Sounds good. Make sure you brew it out of the way, where it won't matter if a couple of bottles explode.
I had not made it on purpose, it was a less than happy accident. In my studies of the ancient Celts, I had learned how it was made, however as I stated before I had not intended to make any.
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