Anyone know supply voltage for a Microtek ScanMaker 3600 flat-bed scanner?

. I just rescued a Microtek ScanMaker 3600 flat-bed scanner from the curb and can't figure what kind of power it takes. Nothing on the scanner case and the web pages at Microtek just say "wall adapter" without any specs. Didn't find a SM3600 fan site, just reviews that mention adapter as being an in-the-box item. Anyone know volts, AC or DC, and polarity? . There was a slight drizzle going on when I rescued the scanner. I've got the case open and I dried what few drops I could get to with paper towels. Is there anything in a scanner that will quit working/burn up if it gets wet or can I safely power it up once it dries out for a day or two? . I don't really need a scanner, but I've read on here that the cold-cathode thingies are fun to play with. :) . TIA

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Punkguyta10 years ago
I would try emailing Microtech and asking them, they're most likely more than willing to help you.
NachoMahma (author)  Punkguyta10 years ago
. Looks like the server dropped my earlier post to you. Or maybe I hit the wrong button. Anyway ... . Thanks for the suggestion. I have that on my list. After looking at the Microtek site (not very helpful), I figured I'd ask here first. If nobody comes up with something in a day or two, I'll try Microtek.
Aha, found it man: Volts : 15.5 Amps: 1.25 Have fun.
NachoMahma (author)  Punkguyta10 years ago
. Thank you! . Where did you find that? More specifically, what search string did you use? I've only found one mention of voltage and it was a rather cryptic (to me, anyway) "15.0/15.5V 1.1/1.25A" . BTW, I've sent a note to Microtek and waiting for an answer. I'm expecting a link to buy their wall wart, but maybe they'll be able/willing to help.
It's all about knowing the right people, specifically the people that horde scanners and happened to have the same one you had. But I can garentee that Microtek will give you the same voltage.
NachoMahma (author)  Punkguyta10 years ago
> I can garentee that Microtek will give you the same voltage . By golly, you're right. Just got the e-mail from them. . It wasn't that I doubted you, I'm just curious as to how you found it so I can sharpen my searching skills. . . But, alas, no mention in the e-mail of AC or DC. They did give the manufacturer as "Hitron or LSE", so it looks like it's time to hit Google again. . . Thanks again for the help.
It's just DC, mostly all wall adapters for electronics provide a AC (you wall power) to DC for the device. So just go to a electronics store somewhere, maybe radio shack and pick a 15 volt wall adapter up and you should be set.
AC or DC ?
gmoon10 years ago
Heh, good luck.

A client of mine had some guys in to lay carpet. The client (not the tradesmen) decided to label all the computer connections. So he labeled everything (keybd, mouse, parport cable, etc.) except the two wallwarts--a scanner and a network switch.

The wallwarts were identical voltage, but different polarity. We had to guess. We guessed wrong--one fried scanner...
gmoon gmoon10 years ago
One more thing--you've already got the case open, so maybe you can suss the polarity from the gnd plane or any polarized caps near the power plug. Won't give you the voltage, but you might find that part elsewhere...
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