Anyone know where to buy neon gas?

Does anybody know where to buy a small tank of neon for making your owns tubes and stuff (for like Tesla coils)? The only place I've found was a place in Europe, and I'm looking for something under 100$ (it was about 60 euros for a tank, which is like 140 dollars or something).

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comodore8 years ago
Hmm, this is a good question... I am not shore I know such a shop...but 60 euros is not 140 US dollars its about 80 US dollars... I am more interested in how you are planning to make your own neon tube because it requires a furnace to heat the glass, than shape it into a tube, witch takes some time, because you need to do that in lots of steps, reheating and shaping and so on... Than put the electrodes and seal it...Than clens it with very high voltage to make the air glow!!! That takes much more power....and than on the end put in the neon gas.... :P
guyfrom7up (author)  comodore8 years ago
I guess I just remember Euros when they were worth 2x as much as the US dollars, about 75 bucks isn't bad, I guess. High voltage, I can get up to 12kv at 23mA, or 8.750kV at 60mA, or 20kV from a car ignition coil. Think that's enough? Shaping: I'm not that worried about that for now, I'm just going to use a straight glass tube for my first one. I do have a propane torch, but I might need a bit more "kick." Electrodes: They don't seem that hard to make, Just take a small section of glass tube, heat it up and pinch it a little, let it cool, insert wire(s), heat it red hot (but don't kill the wires! Any special type needed?) and pinch it really tight around the wires. Then pump out the air, clean it with HV, and pump in neon, then seal it off.
If you use a Tesla coil to light the tube, you could stick tinfoil on a small section of the tube (inside and out), and it should work just as well as an electrode. Tesla did this with his own tubes.


Neon glows red... Than how come the tubes that we call neon tubes glow bright wite?
I think you are referring to fluorescent tubes (correct me if I'm wrong), that are used in office buildings and the like.
I am not shore...
Tesla made the first Glowing Tube , a glass tube filled with neon and it shined red... Like picture 1
Today you find Glowing Tubes like in picture 2 and 3 in offices and other building... They glow bright white...
So I am confused, i was thought that neon glows red... What is the gas that fils tubes like in picture 2 and 3 that we see almost every day???

the other tubes are not neon, they are filled with a mix of argon and mercury vapor. The gas itself creates ultraviolet light, so a white phosphor is needed to create a visible white light.
So, the first picture (red glowing tubes) that's NEON gas in them... The other 2 white ones are ARGON+MERCURY VAPOR?
guyfrom7up (author)  ElectricUmbrella8 years ago
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