Anyone want to learn electronics?

A while ago I was going to start an electronic tutorial video podcast, but that took too much effort to make everything professional looking and well thought out.  I want to retackle this project by having a video whenever i feel like it (at least 1 a week) answering questions that people ask or just want a video on because people generally learn better via video than reading some boring text :P  Also, this podcast isn't going to be editted or anything, because all of that stuff just takes away all of the fun and just becomes boring.

So, in short, I'm going to start an improvised video podcast answering people's questions to the best of my abilities.

Anyone have any questions that they would like to have answered?

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Tanners8 years ago
I would love to watch these videos i am very intrested in watching something on transistors and i think it would be great if you did one on 555 timers because i cant seem to grasp this no matter how much read.
guyfrom7up (author)  Tanners8 years ago
kk, will do
When and were can we watch the videos?
guyfrom7up (author)  Tanners8 years ago
I'll try and get it the first episdoe up this saturday, it's been a hectic week for me, full of family conflict and stuff, but it's all good now, i might even have it up tomorow, but we'll see

the first episode will be on:
555 timers and transistors
alright cool don't feel rushed though take your time or else it wont be fun for you anymore. were are you going to post the videos?
guyfrom7up (author)  Tanners8 years ago
probably just youtube and then i will post a link here
Laserman5958 years ago
I do a ton of this kind of stuff all the time, but i dont have any questions regarding the construction of things but of where I can find good scematics
and datasheets? ate the only sort-a good places for data sheets
guyfrom7up (author)  Laserman5958 years ago
I'll be sure to mention this, for but a quick answer, googling the part number with the word datasheet is usually a good start.  As for schematics, I've actually never really had to look because I try and design everything myself :P
Tochee :-D
guyfrom7up (author) 8 years ago
Ok, the first episode will mainly focus on how to use transistors, because someone asked me and I remember that it was a hard concept to understand in the beginning.

I will also try and include all of you guys's suggestions, too.
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