Apes are People, Too

Spain's parliament has voted to give the rights to life and freedom to apes. Keeping apes for use in circuses, television commercials or for filming will be forbidden. Zoos are still OK, but many will have to improve their conditions in the future to keep apes.

Right on.


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Great. Now we will have apes serving us at McDonalds.
How is that any different than it is now? :D
It's not apes. Yet. just people who can't get a job.
It was a joke. Note the ":D"
Yes. Notice the Yet.
knexdude1529 years ago
i think all u saying they should not have freedom and a circus i s going to giv them somthing to do then put yourselvez into the apes shoes changed ur mind? some people say they r primates and we evolved from them so if u belive that then HA!(sorry HA)
PKM knexdude1529 years ago
Actually, they are primates, as are humans. I believe technically humans evolved in parallel to apes from a common ancestor, but that's an IIRC so any biologists feel free to correct me.

What's your evidence for humans not being evolutionarily linked to the other apes?
THE Hippie PKM8 years ago
My evidence is the Bible!! If we were evolved from apes, why are there still apes that havento turned into humans yet?
babybusa PKM8 years ago
Correct, studying zoology and evolutionary biology, I shall inform you that humans and other apes (yes, humans really are apes too) all branched off from each other from a common ancestor. Chimpanzees and bonobos are more closely related to humans than either of them are to gorillas.
which then means apes went one way, humans a different branch, ergo apes will probably never become human.
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