Apology for Spam I Sent

This morning I sent out personal messages to people I believed were interested in knowing that I updated my butler robot tutorial and added video. I only sent out messages to people I saw were active in robotics in the forums. Someone told me this was considered spam on Instructables and another moderator suggested I make this post to explain myself when people say I spammed them. I am new to instructables and you guys have a great site here. I promise to never spam again . ,Eric

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Plasmana9 years ago
What instructable?
Wow! Amazing robot he made!
skunkbait9 years ago
Apology excepted. BY the way, I have this really great website, and I sell this really great stuff, and..... Seriously, an apology for spam puts you near the top of my list of "Decent People on the Web." Thanks for your decency!
cormac30509 years ago
Like keith-kid i'm not active in the robotics forums, but no harm done and brilliant instructable!!
Brennn109 years ago
No harm done Erobots. I enjoyed reading up on your improvements.
emuman4evr9 years ago
I actually liked the post, very nice instructable.
I accept your apology.
xACIDITYx ll.139 years ago
Heh. Heh. Third-if...ication-alized
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