Apparently, I'm a hipster heathen for breathing new life into old videogames/accessories...

So, a few "purists/elitists", have decided I'm a "hipster heathen", solely for the Advantage Clocks and Lamps I create. (My first Instructible provides tech on how to create the original lamp.)

I'm destroying a "limited" number of these things. I wonder if they really understand how many of these there really are. I consider it a rescue, and re-purpose, honestly. I gather these from numerous dusty places, and I've even found some of the broken ones in a dumpster one time. I always go for broken before working, but do they seriously think all of these would be hooked up to working systems and being used?

How many would be in a landfill? My original is still alive and kicking. I wonder about theirs. 

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neuropol6 years ago
There are plenty NES Advantages about. It was hugely popular back in the day, and Nintendo produced them in huge quantities. Those complaining were likely those that collect sealed games only, and have everything slabbed by VAG. Feel free to ignore them.
crapflinger6 years ago
dirty hipsters....the lot o' ya!

the biggest problem with hipsters is they co-opt things that are actually awesome (crazy bikes, awesome facial hair, irony)....they just do it for the wrong reason.

cassette tapes are freakin awesome to make stuff out of....if you were around in the 80s when they existed and you understand the nostalgai and you do things with them because of that (and the need to not throw things in the trash), then that's great!

now, if you were born in the 90s, and you never actually knew what cassette tape was untill they became "cliche" and "ironic"....well then you're a hipster d-bag.
RecycledRetro (author)  crapflinger6 years ago
I remember busting my arse all summer for the Master of Puppets cassette...
My main memory of them is unwinding the tape from the innards of the car cassette player.  MP3 players - PAH!  These youngsters don't know what they're missing out on.
:( now you're making me remember when metallica didn't suck
RecycledRetro (author) 6 years ago
I'm never going to stop...I have way too much fun. If I am ever forced to stop, my brain will atrophy. It is constantly active on what I can do next.
gmoon6 years ago
If you fancy yourself a "creator," I read that as "artist."

So if you have anything at all to say with your art, get used to criticism...
Pretty much everything I make is recycled, reused & salvaged.
Our home & garden are full of shelves, clocks, computer desks, planters, & yes even lights that started life as something completely different & were destined for a landfill until I got my hands on them.
We have a huge decked area in our back garden that is entirely made from timber taken from broken pallets stripped down cleaned up & reused.
We have a beautiful double sized six position reclining lounger in the garden that started life as a futon sofa & a storage/coffee table made from a blanket box & salvaged floorboards.
Twenty odd years ago when I got my first flat I built a great stereo from a really good turntable donated by a musician cousin, translucent shelves salvaged from an old refrigerator & a string of Christmas tree lights, people thought it looked great all lit up & asked me where I bought it!!!!
I once made a telephone from a cheap wall mounted handset a cigar box & a couple of old Zippo lighters, some people didn't like it others must have because I ended up making four more of them.
I make things that I LIKE for my family home if other people think that makes me odd then that's their problem; I have always done it & always will.
Personally I think your lamp is great in fact it has given me an idea for something similar involving an old Amiga CD32.
Keep up the good work my friend I for one look forward to seeing what you come up with next as you will see by the addition of a new name in your followes list.
caitlinsdad6 years ago
Sounds good for a name change. Do it and make some more.
DJ Radio6 years ago
Why do you let this bother you? What in the world is wrong with that?
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