Apple iPad - comments and opinions?

OK, you've all seen it now.

What do you think?

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Picture of Apple iPad - comments and opinions?
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Jayefuu7 years ago
Not a fan. And agree with defectivebydesign on their poster.
Jayefuu Jayefuu7 years ago
What do YOU think kiteman?
Kiteman (author)  Jayefuu7 years ago
I don't have an iAnything, PC all the way at the moment, but I had a play with an iTouch and thought... oh!

Then I saw this, and thought... hmmm?

But, my main use would be the internet, interactively.  I type a lot (I'd have to buy a plug-in keyboard).  I upload photos (I'd have to start up my PC anyway).

I'm thinking, my ideal gadget on this scale would be a melange of three products:
  • Folding, to protect the screen, with a keyboard like a laptop.
  • Touch screen, like the iPad, with the same sort of control.
  • ePaper, like a book reader, to save batteries and ease the eyes.
So, unless the iPad is amazingly cheap, I doubt I will get one myself.

However, it is the sort of gadget I can see being short-sightedly pushed on teachers in the future, like interactive whiteboards and setting work via school websites.

fwjs28 Kiteman7 years ago
iPod touch, not iTouch..personal pet peeve. and i think the iPad and iPod are going to be a but too close and confused consumers.. 
Kiteman (author)  fwjs287 years ago
Strange - the signs and tags in the Apple shop all said iTouch ...
fwjs28 Kiteman7 years ago
huh..really? maybe its an England vs American thing..hrm

Games and apps for iPod touch

iPod touch 3.1 Software Update

and even
n8man fwjs287 years ago
 At first it was iPod touch, but so many people used iTouch due to its simplicity that Apple used it too.
fwjs28 n8man7 years ago
Really? because nowhere ive looked have i seen iTouch, only people saying iTouch this, that etc.   nowhere do i see Apple calling it iTouch, or maybe im just not looking at the right places

and it seems that im not the only one who hates iTouch

Apple store employees all call it itouch when im trolling them.
Kinda like my personal pet peeve about the proper use of effect and affect... however, I still have not masterred it myself.
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