Applications Open for Bazaar Bizarre Maker Faire


Applications are now open for Bazaar Bizarre Maker Faire!!!

By now I hope you are all aware of the awesomeness that is Bazaar Bizarre. Pair that with the absolute madness of Maker Faire and you've got one a**-kicking event!

So shake your tailfeather and show your stuff this year at the only bazaar this bizarre. Stop by the Instructables booth while you're there and pick up a sticker!

Check out the details:

Bazaar Bizarre at Maker Faire
Saturday, May 30th: 10AM - 8PM
Sunday, May 31st: 10AM - 6PM

About Vendor Applications

  • Applications for Bazaar Bizarre will be open from March 9th to April 1st 2009.
  • Final notifications will be April 6th 2009.
  • Bazaar Bizarre wants to support handmade crafters, small business owners and emerging artists in the indie craft community.

For More Information and to apply Proceed To This Page

Picture of Applications Open for Bazaar Bizarre Maker Faire
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fozzy138 years ago
WHAT!?!?!???!?? I just looked at the web site, I didn't know there was one in Cleveland!! And I missed it!!
Myself fozzy138 years ago
Cleveland folks should know about Notacon. Now you do, and you have no excuse. :) Next step: Think of some friends who need to know, and tell them...
fozzy13 Myself8 years ago
yah unfortunatly my friends arent really into this kinda stuff, but im hoping to go next year :)
what a name.
Goodhart8 years ago
everything is always so far away, and it also looks like I may have to give up on the Show n Tell I was planning for this fall *sigh*