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I got the iphone , now what apps should i download? I'm asking in the k'nex section cause it feels right.

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I just got an iPod touch, and I downloaded Grocery IQ, BBC Reader, SAT vocab cards, an a Weather Channel app. Nothing fancy, but they're all super useful!
Jellycar is a must-have.
Jellycar is one of the best.
jellycar isnt that good I would know, Im on my 7th page of apps
Weird, I never had you down as someone who was wrong...
Its okay, when you grow up you'll learn soon you'll be able to tie your shoes and speak in full sentences then you will realize that the games you used to play were so barbaric :)
Oh man how I look forward to that day. Velcro is convenient but the big boys at school use laces. You tried Down hill bowling? That game rocks.
jelly car is awesome. but i wish it would make better use of the accelrometer.
DJ Radio8 years ago
hahaha, you got the first gen! i have teh second gen! but anyways, you should get Fail maker, shazam, and doodelit.
i thought you had an iphone
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