April Fool Sites

I just found Google's! Anybody find others?

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LasVegas (author) 10 years ago
ThinkGeek has a great home page, if you get to it before tomorrow...
Andrew54610 years ago
according to wikipedia, gulp is last year's gag
LasVegas (author)  Andrew54610 years ago
Actually, it appears that Gulp was 2005's. TiSP that you mentioned and Gmail Paper were this years offering...

I was hoping people would link more than just Google's April Fools pages here... Oh well.
I assumed google's was it's offer to send you your email through the mail at gmail.
Google has multiple April fools gags. Check out TiSP
beetlegossip10 years ago
hmm i dunno i am stupid
beetlegossip10 years ago
what is google's april fool?