Archaeologists + Cake nerds, recipes needed!

Sidestone Press is looking for nerdy archaeology cake recipes, if they get enough they're planning on turning them into a book. They contacted me after seeing my dinosaur excavation cake and need more nerdy cake recipes to make a book.

This could be a fun crossover, but they can't make the book if they don't get enough content. Make an Instructable out of it and it's like a double-win!

Here's the Facebook page, submit your recipe today and have it in a book!

Picture of Archaeologists + Cake nerds, recipes needed!
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caitlinsdad3 years ago

I guess I could adapt my cow pies to dino pies...wait, that wouldn't be the kind of digging they meant unless your dog swallowed a wedding ring.

btw, did ibles put out an ebook on cakes and things already?

mikeasaurus (author)  caitlinsdad3 years ago

in the preview...yikes, they killed Yoda, you b..............

I wanna be in the book! Now I just need a cake.