Archery Target

What would be a good way to keep layers of cardboard compressed without using glue so it would have enough friction to stop an arrow ?

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knitestar4 years ago
I just made my own bow target.what you could do is get a box the size of the target you want and then cut other cardboard the size of the inside of the box then fill it up with several single pieces so it would be like a solid cardboard bow sorta.
I mean solid cardboard BOX
13wareagle5 years ago
get some ethafoam sheets,they are closed cell foam that self heal like rinehart targets.make a vice from two treated 2x6's top -bottom type and all thread as long as you want the target to be and some washers with nuts.tighted untill the compression is what ya what you want then shoot it till ya get fletching deep then replace the damaged layers.for a back stop hang a horse stall mat on the back side loosely.i drill holes in them to fit between top bord and top of the foam before tightening the all thread and allow to hang freely.mines 4'x4'.for the target face. i use paper targets and pin them down with landscape mat staples stiff u shaped wire and punch a hole threw a bottle cap,thread on wire till in the center of the u of the wire and tack the paper target on the corners to the front of the foam and shoot.u could cut some wire coat hangers and bend one end to make a small loop then bend the loop sideways to keep from going threw the foam and paper. the paper targets have alot of different shapes,games etc....hope this helps,i would show mine but my cameras broke,sorry.shoot well,shoot streight and shoot often.
collect lots and lots of cardboard boxes. Ask stores like hardware stores if you can look in their dumpsters etc. cut cardboard in strips 6" to 1' thick and as long as you can cut them. roll the strips lengthwise in a " @ " fashion. keep adding strips by connecting strips lengthwise with duct tape when roll is desired diameter duct tape outside with several layers of duct tape. Shoot the "BEJEEBERS" out of it. Throw remains into recycling bin, repeat.

-Wasteland Man.
starwing1238 years ago
You could use some plywood as your back stop.
mpdcadet018 years ago
I don't know if you still need advice, but you can stack cardboard, and you will need a lot of it, (check local alcohol stores and grocery stores) stack it up, put a board under and on top. Then take a ratchet strap and go around it and tighten, pulling the two boards together, compressing the cardboard.
Pat Sowers (author)  mpdcadet018 years ago
yeah thats what ive been doin now. works quite nicely i might add. thank you
Kiteman10 years ago
I assume you're firing into the plane of the card? Why not think laterally? Make a whole pile of strips of corrugated card, with the corrugations running between the two long sides. Make three sides of a wooden frame in a U the size of your target, and make the strips as long as the target is wide. Stack the strips up inside the frame until you get a centimetre or two above the top of the frame, then screw on the fourth side of the frame - this will compress the strips, and lock them in place. The arrows will pierce the target and then wedge in the holes of the card. If that isn't enough, either make a second frame to go behind the first, make a whole new frame that's thicker, of just stand further back and improve your aim. BTW, why no glue?
That is the idea with some real targets, like this (Except with foam).

I hate foam targets with my comound every time I shoot it either goes right through it or takes a huge chunk off so if u guys have any ideas let me now im in need lol
Pat Sowers (author)  whatsisface10 years ago
thats close to what i have. but to bye a new one would coust me 80-120 dollars.
Pat Sowers (author)  Kiteman10 years ago
thats what I was thinking of but I used the foam from my old target and compressed it with the wood it works well thanks for the idea.
Rishnai9 years ago
Actually, you don't really need to have multiple layers. One layer of corrugated has generally been enough to stop my arrows. If not, a second layer always worked in a hurry. Really all I'll do is use a spare box, so it has two sides already. i've never had an arrow go all the way through, even at point-blank range. Of course, I have a pretty weak (28 pound) bow I got for a song.
Pat Sowers (author)  Rishnai9 years ago
i can say right now that wouldnt work for me. even if i was 75 yards away it wouldg goin in one side and out the other.
Oh yeah, I forgot, you use that heavy hunting bow. I've seen some guys out on the archery range with big hunting bows like that who go all the way through three feet of straw target on a regular basis. If you've got access to a lot of cardboard, just layering it and duct taping it all together would make sense. Then if you're still going through, add more layers. If you have access to a lot of styrofoam (such as leftover packing material... ask a furniture store, maybe? The one near my house always has a dumpster full of various packing materials), use the styrofoam blocks maybe. But yeah, I'd say duct tape the target material together.
skunkbait9 years ago
Have you tried construction foam from a spray can? Also, if you have access to cheap silicone, (and lots of it) it might do the job.
Pat Sowers (author)  skunkbait9 years ago
never tryed it but i think that foam work work nicely to stop it but it wouldnt be able to take many shots. if i ever need a quick target thats a good idea!
mojobo19 years ago
What I always do (I have a 60 pound compound bow) when my store-bought archery target starts falling apart, is collect all the foam pieces that fall out, and stuff them back into the hole. I usually try to find some extra foam/cardboard somewhere to stick in. Then I cut some thick cardboard out to fit it, and just duct-tape it on. I buy the really cheap DT, and just wrap a TON around the target, so it's basically covered. But you don't have to cover the whole thing.. It makes it last quite a while longer. And if it falls apart again, you can possibly repeat the process over.
Pat Sowers (author)  mojobo19 years ago
yeah its a good idea i wound up useing it on my last target. how long have you been shooting?
About 3 years, I use it for hunting, and you have to be at least 12 to hunt (14 at the moment) in Montana. Though I started shooting a year before. How about you?
Pat Sowers (author)  mojobo19 years ago
i have been shooting for about 5 years now. i juse the bow for hunting and for fun. what bow are you shooting? link?

this is what im useing. my bow
Looks like a really nice bow, though I personally don't know much about bows. My dad knows alot about bows, and he helped me find my bow.

I have a BowTech Mighty Mite.
I can't really find a picture of it, but here's a review I found.. It's kinda strange, I don't think they made very many of the bows. I think it somehow has to do with the owner of BowTech's son either dying, or almost dying (hence the name "Mighty mite"). But it's been discontinued. I have the 2007 version of it, and mine is sort of marble-looking, not the best for hunting, but..
Pat Sowers (author)  mojobo19 years ago
nice bow!
Pat Sowers (author) 10 years ago
no i need somthing stronger because it is an 80 lb bow. BTW i have been shooting for 5 years now.
Hmmm...You could try a thicker layer of foam. Isn't that what commercial targets are, just layers of foam that slow down and hold the arrow?
ll.13 CameronSS10 years ago
The last ones I saw were straw plaited into a circle, it pretty much stopped every arrow and there was a piece of runner behind it just in case... If you have some spare bolts around try using those..
CameronSS ll.1310 years ago
"...straw plaited into a circle." Sounds like a haybale.
Here's the straw 'BUTT' and the history of the Butts, a butts in England is an area of land in a village dedicated to Archers where they would (by Law) go to practice archery: English Law (unrepealed) Every man-boy of the age of 8 years will own a bow and two arrows and practice the art of archery for 2 hours every Sunday after church, Priests and women are exempt from this law. 3 Kings of England have banned the game of football (an English invention) as it took the men away from archery practice. In the City of York it is permissible to kill a scotsman for carrying a bow and arrow within the city boundary, and in Chelmsford it is permissible to shoot a Welshman with a arrow on a Sunday...
It is in effect, except it's sort of twisted into a spiral, like a Danish.
ll.13 whatsisface10 years ago
yes, and they're only a few inches thick, not feet. But hay bales do work well.



;) we once had some old (used) paper targets, they would've been the ultimate coolness as a poster.
whatsisface ll.1310 years ago
Yeah, that's what professional targets are made from. You can get some made from foam, but they're mainly amateur ones (i.e. non-competitive).
Cardboard wouldn't be good for your arrowheads. As NachoMahma said, your best bet is to find a bale of hay, and compress it.
Pat Sowers (author)  whatsisface10 years ago
I did that before and it got covered in mold so my mom made me get rid of it. I could get them for free each year after Halloween maybe.
Tie a lot of pieces together and turn it sideways so all the thin edges are facing you?
I don't know if there is one, but I have used a bag of mulch to fill an archery target before.
You may be able to use some of that rolled up pink insulation foam (not fiberglass) and layer it up to make a nice target.
Pat Sowers (author)  Weissensteinburg9 years ago
HAHAHAHAHA sorry to say but that pink insulation wouldnt do anything. my bow is a lot more powerefull then you must be thinking. my arrows stick out about 3 inches from the back of an inch thick peace of wood when i shoot from 30 yards.
particle board should stop it then LOL
Pat Sowers (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
tried it but im not looking at bending my arrows eather.
I know, I was just joking :-)
Pat Sowers (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
haha ok =P
And you want to use cardboard to stop them, instead?
Pat Sowers (author)  Weissensteinburg9 years ago
its the way i wouls use the cardboard that would make it work.
If you know what to do with the cardboard, why did you make this topic?
Have you ever bought a commercial archery target? It is layered with foam similar to what Weissensteinburg mentioned. I own three bows and a crossbow, so I know what I'm talking about.
Pat Sowers (author)  Firebert0109 years ago
yeah thats the one that i had. i shot it so many times i wore it out. i got a new one like back in january
No matter what kind of target you buy, it will wear out eventually.
Where I grew up, the most common thing was a target on the front of some bales of hay. After a rainstorm, it got even denser :-)
But you don't want that for a real hay/straw target, especially when they get stacked afterwards. They burn xD.
flyer4play9 years ago
Archery target, fast, homemade cheap. works great, takes 15 minutes to make.

Materials needed:
12" high neatly stacked newspaper
-large cardboard box, sides cut to 8" (save the remaining cardboard)
-duct tape

fill the shortened cardboard box to the rim with newspaper, kept stacked neatly. Newspaper is 11 1/2" x 12 3/4", so your box is easiest to fill if it is a near multiple of that footprint. do not allow air gaps at the edges or seams (if
your box can take multiple stacks of paper). try overlapping 1" stacks of paper to hide seams, so arrows wont find "soft spots" in your target and pass through. cut a piece or pieces of additional cardboard to cover the newspaper you have just stacked. Now duct tape around the box in the middle, making a cross (+) in the the front and back to aim at!
you are ready to use your target. my arrows, (field tips) with a 60# compound bow, pass through 3 to 4" of the paper and are not difficult to pull.

Be safe and have fun!
Pat Sowers (author)  flyer4play9 years ago
hahahaha yeah this works i did that a wile back. when i first started like 4 years ago. its a good idea.
Labot20019 years ago
My grandfather made a pretty neat target once. I see if he can email me pictures!
PLUCK YEW9 years ago
Heres a good idea thats tried and tested: a papier mache target. I use one all year round, when its had it, it gets put back in the vat and reused, I use old newspapers and wallpaper paste, and form them in a trash can lid, once dried out they are as hard as any factory target and cost very little to make.
Pat Sowers (author)  PLUCK YEW9 years ago
Cool! i wish you could have posted that b4 because i got a new target about a month ago...... when that one dies i am goin to try this! Thanks!
NachoMahma10 years ago
. Bales of hay work well.
CameronSS10 years ago
I was into archery for a while until we moved into the city. My target was a large cardboard box that a bicycle came in, about 5' t x 2.5' w x 8" d. We cut down an old foam-rubber type mattress to fit inside. The cardboard punctured easily to keep arrows from bouncing off, and the mattress quickly slowed down and held the arrows. The farthest out the back of the box I could get the (field point) arrows was about an inch, with a 20-lb. (I know it's light, I was younger) bow at about 15-20 yards. I could simply prop the box up against a fence, tree, or hay bale, and I could use pushpins to attach various targets. Worked great, I don't know if that's what you're looking for.