Archery Target

What would be a good way to keep layers of cardboard compressed without using glue so it would have enough friction to stop an arrow ?

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knitestar5 years ago
I just made my own bow target.what you could do is get a box the size of the target you want and then cut other cardboard the size of the inside of the box then fill it up with several single pieces so it would be like a solid cardboard bow sorta.
I mean solid cardboard BOX
13wareagle5 years ago
get some ethafoam sheets,they are closed cell foam that self heal like rinehart targets.make a vice from two treated 2x6's top -bottom type and all thread as long as you want the target to be and some washers with nuts.tighted untill the compression is what ya what you want then shoot it till ya get fletching deep then replace the damaged layers.for a back stop hang a horse stall mat on the back side loosely.i drill holes in them to fit between top bord and top of the foam before tightening the all thread and allow to hang freely.mines 4'x4'.for the target face. i use paper targets and pin them down with landscape mat staples stiff u shaped wire and punch a hole threw a bottle cap,thread on wire till in the center of the u of the wire and tack the paper target on the corners to the front of the foam and shoot.u could cut some wire coat hangers and bend one end to make a small loop then bend the loop sideways to keep from going threw the foam and paper. the paper targets have alot of different shapes,games etc....hope this helps,i would show mine but my cameras broke,sorry.shoot well,shoot streight and shoot often.
collect lots and lots of cardboard boxes. Ask stores like hardware stores if you can look in their dumpsters etc. cut cardboard in strips 6" to 1' thick and as long as you can cut them. roll the strips lengthwise in a " @ " fashion. keep adding strips by connecting strips lengthwise with duct tape when roll is desired diameter duct tape outside with several layers of duct tape. Shoot the "BEJEEBERS" out of it. Throw remains into recycling bin, repeat.

-Wasteland Man.
starwing1238 years ago
You could use some plywood as your back stop.
mpdcadet018 years ago
I don't know if you still need advice, but you can stack cardboard, and you will need a lot of it, (check local alcohol stores and grocery stores) stack it up, put a board under and on top. Then take a ratchet strap and go around it and tighten, pulling the two boards together, compressing the cardboard.
Pat Sowers (author)  mpdcadet018 years ago
yeah thats what ive been doin now. works quite nicely i might add. thank you
Kiteman10 years ago
I assume you're firing into the plane of the card? Why not think laterally? Make a whole pile of strips of corrugated card, with the corrugations running between the two long sides. Make three sides of a wooden frame in a U the size of your target, and make the strips as long as the target is wide. Stack the strips up inside the frame until you get a centimetre or two above the top of the frame, then screw on the fourth side of the frame - this will compress the strips, and lock them in place. The arrows will pierce the target and then wedge in the holes of the card. If that isn't enough, either make a second frame to go behind the first, make a whole new frame that's thicker, of just stand further back and improve your aim. BTW, why no glue?
That is the idea with some real targets, like this (Except with foam).

I hate foam targets with my comound every time I shoot it either goes right through it or takes a huge chunk off so if u guys have any ideas let me now im in need lol
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