Archos 5

Well basiclly this is for all archso 5 fans and people who want the archos to come and read reviews by other people. I have posted an instructable on the archos 5 but want people to review the archos 5 share their thoughts hacks mods and anything about it you want you can even talk new archos a5. I dont really careyou can talk about any archos but try to talk about the archos 5 thanx.. :)

Picture of Archos 5
I just orderd a 32gb SSD at Amazon it should come next week...cant wait to get it.
Popper122 (author)  just_watching7 years ago
Nice it should be great 4 u.
sageserver7 years ago
 The Archos 5 has a touchscreen but doesnt have multi touch.  i know that most resisted touch screens can support multi-touch.  Can anyone experiment?
Popper122 (author)  sageserver7 years ago
i tried it and the closet thing to multi toucj zooming is holding your finger on it and zomming in. Are thinking about getting one?