Arduino 2560 and Sparkfun's GSM 5100b Cellular Shield HELP

Hello Everyone,

I am using an Arduino 2560 and a GSM cellular shield I purchased at Sparkfun ( My main goal is to access a website using TCP/IP. So far I have managed to establish socket connection but do not quite understand how to make an HTTP GET request using the GSM shield. 

My command are the following:






To this point I have established socket connection but am unsure as to how to execute an HTTP GET. My main goal is to visit :

Can someone please help me out ?

varuninnz5 years ago
hey man im sorry to bother you, but I have a question myself. im very new to this shield. do you think its possible to use this shield for wireless communication with a computer for transferring data, without paying any money?

I know you can other shields like bluetooth and wireless shield, but the I want to be able to send texts with arduino incase of emergency.