Arduino + Beagleboard + Sensor project?

Is there anyone who knows about the project related with Arduino + Beagleboard + sensor ?

I have to use the three for doing project.

If you know any tutorial website let me know..

I found one about IronMan but it is not too specific and too hard to do....

Please help me . Thanks.

gmoon6 years ago
Yeah, you might want to offer more detail about the goals of your project.

From our (uninformed) perspective, using both an Arduino and a Beagleboard together doesn't quite jibe--both are microcontroller dev boards (the Arduino being somewhat minimalist; the Beagle a more powerful ARM-based platform). So your question is a little like saying you want to connect a mouse to your PC and your Mac...

...which is not to say that the two boards couldn't be used together.  For instance, the Arduino could be a data acquisition board, and the Beagle the processing/display component. We just don't have enough info to comment.
Kiteman6 years ago
This is some sort of homework you've been set?

How about giving us exactly what instructions your teacher gave you?