Arduino Jam Belgium

Come to the first Arduino Jam @ Timelab Ghent Belgium.

From 3 february to 5 february you can join to jam with your arduino. With a maximum of 30 makers, we are going to make a few crazy projects. We don't know yet, what kind of crazy stuff you can come up with. 
48hours of sleepless Arduino fun. 
The Timelab is a fully equipped fablab with 3D printers, lasercutters and much more of tools you don't have at home. So subscribe here and join our quest for the most crazy arduino project of 2012.

All the projects will be documented on instructables and the winner will go home with lots of arduino shields. 
You can find the links to the 7 projects here.

Thx to our sponsors:

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cinezaster (author) 5 years ago
Great event!

I had only time for a very short visit this sunday early afternoon, but I was very impressed by the creativity and skills at work.

Thanks for the tour.

Do carry on!
cinezaster (author)  masynmachien5 years ago
Thx, for the visit.

We are already planning other Jams for the future.
It was the best event I've known so far! And NOT because me and ,y companion have won.
Great idea, nice people!
Thanks to all organisators and sponsors!
Do it again1 ;-)
cinezaster (author) 5 years ago
For all the people who have difficulties to be there at Friday, we also do a startup at Saturday. It will be limited to 6 people.
Damned why don't I know a lick of arduino?! This would be perfect! A place in Belgium which is the closet thing to a living hacker space I found...
Arduino is easy to learn, its been 4 days since I got mine and I'm already making things like this thing that shows a value on an led display based on how much you turn a potentiometer, I'm trying to find out what it could be used for instead of a pot, maybe a really cool sensor of sorts.
How did you get started? What inspired you? I'm in the same boat I have an arduino uno and was wondering what to do.
Well, I saw the arduino at radioshack and since it was there and I didn't want to buy online, I just couldn't say no to buying it. But since I knew nothing about it, I also saw a book at radioshack and bought that, it's been real useful.
What's the title of the book? Thanks!
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