Arduino help

Hi guys!
So, i saw the LED cube experiment and decided that i would try one myself. Although i can definitely say i am a newbie when it comes to microcontrollers, i still would like to try and understand them. I am planning on making a 4*4*4 or 5*5*5 cube, and dump the programs that the various users have submitted.  Now, most of the instructables have not specified which arduino board they used, few have, and those who did, each his own. My questions are:

What are the differences between them?

I mean, i saw a Due, Fio, Leonardo, Uno, Duemilanove etc etc. 

Are they interchangeable? 

Secondly, which one is better to use for the cube project? Or all the one and the same? Personally, in my area, Duemilanove is pretty cheap.

Third, i would really love to understand the basics of arduino, and also learn to program it. So, if anyone have any good site or tutorial or other resources for a COMPLETE newbie like me, please do point out! 

Thanks! :)

charmquark (author) 4 years ago
Ok thanks people!
caitlinsdad4 years ago
Go to, the arduino site to check out specs of the various models and tutorials,etc. Main differences are improvements hardwarewise like more memory, USB interface to load up programs without the special interface cable...but all should be capable of doing popular projects like the LED cubes, sensors and servo motor control. You download the IDE programming interface using it to code and transfer the programs to the arduino through the USB cable. You need to get additional "shields" or circuits to add other functionality like GPS, wireless, ability to interface large motors. If Duemilanove is available cheap, get it. Better a basic arduino than no arduino at all. Good luck,
Tomdf4 years ago
I don't know much about Arduinos, but I may be able to point you in the right direction. The larger versions of Arduino boards have larger chips with more functions, details can be found here:

Here's an instructable for a 4x4 LED cube using the Duemilanove:

Thirdly, I've been learning arduino from their website: