Arduino-powered ball balance machine

This wood panel has the ability to move a ball anywhere it wants thanks to Arduino, servos, and processing. If the noise could be cut down this would make for a very cool installation.


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Picture of Arduino-powered ball balance machine
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robotkid2497 years ago
Where can I get the code it looks really really awesome, and i would like to build it.
I've put more details about this, including the processing and arduino code at
fungus amungus (author)  zimbra7 years ago
Thanks for posting that, I'll put it into the text.
Kiteman7 years ago
If you want it quieter, then you'll need an old-style plotter-mechanism moving a neodymium magnet around under a fixed board.
Not quite as impressive.
True, but he wanted quieter.

..... <lightbulb>

Imagine a bar which served drinks in steel mugs, with a long wooden bar.

You sit at a stool, order your drink from the bartender, who dispenses the drink at the far end of the bar.

A magnetic system under the bar's surface would then deliver the drink to your place at the bar...

Put it down, hit a button to send it back for a re-fill...

...I like it... I like it a lot.

...Gotta put it down in the right place though!

Goddamn you (sarcasm). As if anyone is that epic! Keep up the skills that are less useless than mine (throwing cards, riding a unicycle, that sort of thing).

ii_awesum7 years ago
Looks pretty cool.  However, how is this an "Instructable"?.
haha its not, it moke like 'look what i made'. but it is pretty cool
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