Ardunio- Educate Me!

Seeing all the wonderful winners that made stuff out of ardunio and other stuff, I figure that I might want to try doing some stuff using them too. Problem is, I have absolutely no idea how parts work, and I would love to have anyone who's willing point me to places that I might be able to learn the basics of circuit boards, wires, leds, motors, soft/hardware, whatever that's simple to read and learn off of. I know there's tons of Instructables that probably might teach me stuff, but I want to have a general idea first before working.

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lemonie6 years ago

It would be appropriate for you to say "yes I have read through the Arduino website before posting this".

I think he really does just want links/a list of what it is he needs to learn, not to be spoonfed.
username252 (author)  Lithium Rain6 years ago
Yeah, that's what I meant. Maybe like a class would help too.
go for the launchpad! haha for most basic things its better! haha it's cheaper and it's easy to implement in a final project! The workshop link will get you from not knowing anything to being a pro! just my 2 cents haha

the only real advantage I see in the ardiuno is:
larger community
available premade shields (but the launchpad is starting to get some!)

just my 0.02$
guyfrom7up6 years ago
if price is no object, I'd say go arduino

but, if you're never going to buy any arduino shields or anything (typically 30-60 dollars each) I would just go with the msp430 launchpad.

People say arduino's infinitely less complex; I'd say it's 2x less complex (lol)

the msp430 costs only $4.30 and it contains 2 micro controllers, a usb programer, and debugger.
username252 (author)  guyfrom7up6 years ago
I appreciate your advice for parts, but I don't know how everything works. Please lead me to a site that will give me the basics of things. There is little that I know, and I want to learn first before building in case I mess up.
if thats the case, id say arduino may suit you more, but in all honesty ive like never used an arduino.

heres some launchpad msp430 stuff:
ti official site:

at home workshop (very very helpful):