Are You Charles Yarnold?

I've just watched the first episode of Sky TV's new show, Gadget Geeks.  It's a mixture of review show, trying out real gadgets in semi-real situations, and Maker show (in this episode, they built a portable bullet-time camera rig, turned an electric tricycle into a monster truck, and made a toothbrush into a sander.

This last might sound familiar, and I think there'll be a few more Instructables seen on the show, but I think there's good reason.

It was only a passing moment, which I had to pause to take this photo (with my iPod - my proper camera has flat batteries).  On the lid of Charles Yarnold's laptop, for all to see, is an Instructables sticker!

Are you Charles Yarnold?  Do you know him?  Did you give or send him the sticker?

Did you meet this man at the Newcastle Maker Faire?

The community needs to know!

Picture of Are You Charles Yarnold?
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solex5 years ago
Yep thats me o/

And yes, I was on the hackspace stall across from the instructables stall, where I get my sticker from :D

Some of the hackables come from/inspired by instructables. Hope you guys can tune in for more episodes, we get to make some cool stuff :)
Kiteman (author)  solex5 years ago
If filming hasn't finished, a credit for sources would be very cool, or maybe a link from the Gadget Geek site to Instructables...?
solex Kiteman5 years ago
All the hackables were filmed in one day, so sadly it is all over. Will ask about a link though :)
Kiteman (author)  solex5 years ago
Cool. Maybe you and the team could post a few projects yourselves.

You know, when you make another series, a closer link between the sites would be absolutely awesome.
solex Kiteman5 years ago
I won't promise anything as I'm rubbish at making documentation for my projects, but I will try my best :)
Kiteman (author)  solex5 years ago
Get the others inventors involved as well.
YES. A "collaboration Instructable" would be great also. :D
Flat batteries? did you run them over with your car? or are they dead? (i know batteries were never alive)
That is very cool! It'd be good to see some instructables generated from the show.
monsterlego5 years ago
Thats hilarious! :D