Are international entries accepted?

Well? I assume this is only for USA because instructables team are only giving away Sears gift cards. And Sears are only found in USA...?

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Kiteman9 years ago
Which contest are we talking about?
Is it time for more argy bargy?
I don't know - which contest is offering Sears vouchers?
The Craftsman Tools contests. The prizes are gift certificates/vouchers for Sears (Craftsman is a Sears brand). I was a bit disappointed when I saw that -- I was expecting the prize to actually be tools (but then the shipping costs would be horrendous :-/).
Ach, that's still not a help to those of us outside the US, since I just checked the Sears site, and they only deliver to the US. If you're in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam or the US Virgin Islands then you're stuck with surface mail to boot.

Mutter grumble mutter grumble...
I still say find a US citizen you trust to enter for you and mail you the cards. I would do it, but can't...stupid fine print...
There's no point in having the cards, because the stuff I spend them on can only be delivered to the US. If a US citizen were then to mail them outside the US, the postage costs would probably be higher than the value of the bought items. (Dagnabbit)
You mean...they don't have Sears in the UK?!
We have Asda, which is part of Kmart, which is linked to Sears...
Isn't ASDA part of walmart?
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