Are these bills special?

I got 2 bills back in change today at Dunkin Donuts. Here are the serial numbers:




They are 1 digit away.

Also, there are 3 doubles in each (22, 77, 55). Are these worth anything or are they special in any way? **PLEASE REPLY*

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Brennn109 years ago
Just consecutive notes. Not very rare. Look for notes that end with a *, because these are called star notes. Or look for serial numbers that are 22000022. These are known as radar notes.
Flumpkins (author)  Brennn109 years ago
I know what star notes are. And I brought these up to a coin shop and they will be worth something If i hold onto thm
The most valuable banknote I ever got my mitts on was one with the right person phone number on it... yes neither of us had paper so we exchanged fivers... that worked well, unfortunately a year later I got a call from someone sad enough to ring a number on a banknote.
That kind of reminds me....of a song...

That sounds like something I would do when I'm bored XD
Like my brother and I putting our numbers in the iPhones in shops...
Did anyone ever call you after seeing your number on the iPhones?
Mostly we got some deeply disturbing messages...
Oh no...
Actually just hilarious, though still disturbing it was just so funny...
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