Are these k'nex guns in pictures any good?

Hello. For an school subject named ''informatica' (dutch) we had to photoshop an photo. I decided to do this, and I wanted to know if they're good or not. So tell me what you think, and please rate 'n comment!

The guns in the files are:
- potatocoffee's deathbringer
- my mp40
- seleziona's m1911
- an pistol from beanieostrich (is that spelled correctly beanie?) don't know wich one anymore
- I think seniorwaffleman's m4/m16
- some others

Picture of Are these k'nex guns in pictures any good?
Yes. I had nothing to do for half an hour, I saw Motaboi's version. Then these masterpieces came to existance. I had a No Russian one too. (MW2 airport mission)
XD, ah, I see.
Nice mustache.
XD merci beaucoup!
bilaliscool2 years ago
wow nice
dr. richtofen (author)  bilaliscool2 years ago
Thanks =D
~KnexBuild~2 years ago
Nice! =D How did you make them?
Nice job with the editing. My BCS3 looks great in the second pic.
dr. richtofen (author)  beanieostrich2 years ago
PS: You spelled my name right.