Are these silver wires important?

I'm making a USB wall charger with a usb cord I found in my desk and an unused cell phone charger. I cut off one end of the USB cord and took the plastic stuff off of it and there were silver wires along with the red, black, green, and white ones. Are they important or should I just cut them off?

Picture of Are these silver wires important?
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westfw9 years ago
the wires shown are shielding. Cables also frequently contain "strengthener/strain relief" "stuff" in the form of low-stretch non-conductive fibers like polyester or fiberglass - fiber optic cables (particularly fragile) seem to frequently contain kevlar!) I believe the idea is to prevent the cables from being stretched to the point whether the conductors might break (copper is metal, but it's not all that strong.))
Sunbanks (author)  westfw9 years ago
Ok thanks
They're just shielding, no use for that project, they help keep interference from the USB signals...
Bran9 years ago
I've had cords where they are white. I think they are a filler, but I might be wrong.