Are you the noob?

Whenever you owned someone on matchmaking does it ever dawn on you that that was you in 2007 (when halo 3 came out) But for the people that just purely (suck...) it's just sad...... SO TELL US YOUR MOST AMAZING NOOB KILL!!!!!!

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nfk117 years ago
meand my freind were on co-op and we killed eachotherALOT,i repeat,ALOT.and i was a noob by killing all the marines.
KNEXFRANTIC7 years ago
i walked in front of a guy with a loaded mg3 on bc2 and he did nothing so i knifed him
nfk117 years ago
onec there was a stupid invinsible brute
Merugop7 years ago
 With mw2 i excedently dropped a claymore behind another claymore that layed behind a door.........
A guy walked over the other one en was almost dead and the he walked over mine and he was dead............
ANd it was fuching the last kill it aint gonna be noobier then that
luke967 years ago
One time I stuck a guy in the face.
neivadan7 years ago
omg this guy used a wep like rpg and i still killed em in halo with weakest i got
Kryptonite7 years ago
He threw a sticky at me, and I threw it back at the guy.
I sniped my brother because we got halo and i practiced for a couple months and i said "oh yeah do you want to try out that halo game?" and we played and i
beat him down like rhianna
whoops that was horrible and mean