Arm tendinitis, arthritis of the elbow....any advice ?

Hi all, I have been struggling lately with two problems:  

#1: tendinitis of my lower right arm and wrist
#2: arthritis of the right elbow. 

The doc believes both are aggravated by overuse of the mouse (actually resting my hand on it an entire work shift, plus the time I spend on line at home). 

The first thing I must do, of course, is unlearn the behavior and remove my hand when I am not actually USING the mouse. 

This hasn't been very successful so far. 

Does anyone have any further suggestion on how to "rest" the arm and still be able to go to work and work a bit at home? 

Anything serious will be considered. 


Picture of Arm tendinitis, arthritis of the elbow....any advice ?
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Jayefuu5 years ago
Could you plug in two mice? One for each hand?

Learning to use a mouse left handed is easier than you'd expect, then you can alternate the hand that you use.

Goodhart (author)  Jayefuu5 years ago
Does that work? I know at home, I don't need to, I can just move the right hand mouse over to the left and use it (when I remember to) and I am fairly good at it already (I still have troubles highlighting from that side but part of it is due to a failing mouse...sticky buttons, etc). I will have to see if that can be arranged at work (we have tons of extra mice lying about there). Thanks.
Kiteman5 years ago
How about changing the device?

Maybe switch to a trackball (Roger-X uses one, with his hand resting in his lap), a drawing tablet, or a pen-style mouse?

In the UK, if the use of a piece of equipment (such as a mouse) is causing, aggravating or even affected by a medical condition or injury, then the employer is under a legal obligation to provide an appropriate alternative.

(For instance, Kitewife has a slightly crooked spine - her employer was obliged to buy a new office chair, footrest and wrist-rest for her in order to prevent any extra damage to her back. She didn't ask for it, her employer organised it themselves.)
+1 for the trackball! I switched to using the Logitech M570. It's wireless so you can put it wherever is comfortable. Sometimes it's on my desk, sometimes on the arm of my chair, sometimes on my lap.
Isn't the spine supposed to be slightly crookedy/curved unlike what chiroquackery insists on straightening out?
Goodhart (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
a mild s curve front to back, yes: but not side to side. That is known as Scoliosis. Over-curviture of the back, such as Kyphosis (upper) or Lordosis (lower), can cause problems too.
Exactly. Hers is so minor you can't really tell by looking at her, she just occasionally gets an ache.
Goodhart (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Yes, sadly such a curvature needs only a bit of irritation (lifting something too heavy or the wrong way) can send the surrounding muscles into convulsions and the nerves can be frantically irritated (especially if any pressure is placed by the spine on the spinal column)
Goodhart (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Yes, I will have to get the doc to write up something so they can maybe alter something to help the problem.....the bit that "hasn't been very successful so far" has been that I am having difficulties NOT just letting my hand rest on the mouse most of the time. I will see what the employer thinks though. Thanks.
+1 on the trackball.
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