Art Contest: 4/13/11

These are the results of the art contest. Sorry I posted this a little early. I don't have any time tomorrow becuase I have to finish a lot of homework, projects, and study for tests. So here they are:

1) Jewelry I have made - happyjo

2) Origami Sun - Inverted_Spectrum

3)How to Make a Wayfinder Keychain - username252

4) Free Fun: How to Reach for the Stars and get Free Christmas Fun - craftyv

5) Duck Stamp Pictures - happyjo

6) Clay Man - nfk11

7) How Color can Improve Your Moods - craftyv

8) My maneating Clay Monster - nfk11

9) My Knex Target - nfk11

10) Carl the Lumpy Red Blob - nfk11

Results for the contestants:

1) happyjo

2) Inverted_Spectrum

3) username252

4) craftyv

5) nfk11

Want your name posted here for great art? Well, just click there-> http://www.instuctables.com/group/artcontest/
Hope to see you there!

Picture of Art Contest: 4/13/11
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2nd Prize Ribbon.jpg
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nfk116 years ago
dude you spelled ibles wrong.you spelled it without the R
lil larry (author)  nfk116 years ago
happyjo6 years ago
:D Yayness!
lil larry (author)  happyjo6 years ago
Yeah! I kind thought your jewelry was kind of neat. :D
lil larry (author)  happyjo6 years ago
Your Welcome! BTW I sent an e-mail to you. If it didn't show up then it pretty much says that I'm going to another meeting and I'll be back at 9:00 (8:00). I know it's like another meeting! Are you going to meetings everyday? So See ya. :D
Yeppers! I got the email! And no, I really never go to meetings!
lil larry (author)  happyjo6 years ago