Art Contest: Win an Instructables Book!

We need art for a book and since we think that the Instructables community has plenty of talent and ideas we thought that this is the perfect opportunity for a contest. The theme of the contest is Fail Gracefully. Read on more more details.

Eric Wilhelm, our glorious CEO of infinite repute, has been invited to go and talk at OFFF in Portugal in May. As an invited speaker he also gets to supply some art for the event catalog. The theme is Fail Gracefully and the idea is to embrace mistakes in your efforts. Here's their own description:


Be afraid of perfection. Dare to do wrong. Make mistakes. Enjoy 404. Reject everything you know and jump. Try to fly.

There is no such thing as failure, but experience. No mistakes, but mistaken views. Errors? We call them acieeed(sp).

So the last sentence is a bit confusing, but you get the idea. We're giving away a copy of The Best of Instructables, Volume 1 for the best piece of art and the possibility of being published in the catalog.

How to enter
- To enter your art, just attach it to a comment in this forum post.
- The art needs to be printable so make sure that you have a copy that is high-res.
- By high-res we mean 300 dpi
- The attachment can be low-res
- Enter by March 12th, 2009

Picture of Art Contest: Win an Instructables Book!
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This ties into some images I was already working on - I'll try to finish something up by the deadline. The event seems totally awesome and it's great that Eric gets to go!
This is out of a series I've been working on for months. I found some archived images of old factories and I've been building designs over them. It's about how abandoned spaces are considered obsolete but they're still full of potential for someone with new ideas. The company that used to be here failed, but the building is still there as a record. They probably made things that people wanted and needed, but those things stopped being useful just like the building. We're surrounded by things that will stop being useful, but they'll be replaced by new things made by people with new ideas. The image is available at way more than 300 dpi, this is just a low-res preview.
lemonie8 years ago
Please find attached as my entry. The mask & helmet are original creations, as is the final image. L
Umm, pilot and co-pilot on a bombing run?
(ha ha) I haven't really fixed a title, so I'll bear that one in mind. Inspired by Ozzy. L
Berkin8 years ago
I know my entry is 250dpi, but if that isn't good enough, I have no other copy, the actual drawing got wrecked. :(
Here's my entry. If anyone has an suggestions for improvements (like color), I'd be more than happy to improve it. It was originally hand drawn, but I scanned it (300 dpi) and traced it to vector with Flash. Enjoy!
Caveman Fail.jpg
Dorkfish928 years ago
Worth a shot...
Add a scuba-diver with a pair of ping-pong bats!
That's ridiculous..... They would need ping-pong paddles.
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