Artsy Graphic Equalizer

Here's a new way to visualize music. I never really understood the thrill of watching the bars light up and turn off in response to music, but this is much more entertaining.

via Wooster Collective

Picture of Artsy Graphic Equalizer
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golfer123459 years ago
dat cool if it is all stop motion then that must of taken a log time
=SMART=9 years ago
HAHAHA brilliant!!! i live the music!! my favorite ones are the chairs and the lights :D
AlloySkull9 years ago
That's really awesome! Of course, I am a huge lover of graphic equalizers. I do understand what they mean, and I have a love for everything that measures wattage, voltage (in a basic sense, "beats" to the music. But this is amazing, and must have taken a lot of work! Props! If you could do VU meters, I think I'd worship you. :P
sponges9 years ago
the frequncy analysier is never very entrhralling because our perception of music doesn't give use to the data, so we see only vague patters in the display. There isn't much more readable data in the wavefomr. This is really well done though. How did you do it? I am hoping you made an image for every possible bar height and had code translate the data, but I suspect you did it oldschool- by hand. Props either way!
sponges sponges9 years ago
splelling erors are the result of inebriation, i apologize.
richelton9 years ago
Okay, now that's kinda cool.