Ask Eric A Question!

After reading through this interview that sparked something in me, We (the community) should hold our own interview with Eric.
I think it would be nice to get to know the CEO of Instructables!

So, I am asking, three questions per user. No more than three.
Please make them appropriate for Instructables (family)
Then whenever the lot of you have asked, I'll get them into a document, and PM them to Eric.
Also, scan through existing comments to make sure your question hasn't already been asked.


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n8man9 years ago
Why the color orange? Who had the idea for the instructables robot? Which instructable is your favorite?
Plasmana9 years ago
Hey! How did you make that big text!!!
bumpus (author)  Plasmana9 years ago
Is that a question for me or Eric ;) You can make big text is forum posts still... Just not in comments..
Plasmana bumpus9 years ago
"Is that a question for me or Eric" You. "You can make big text is forum posts still... Just not in comments.." Okay, thanks for telling me..
bumpus (author) 9 years ago

DJ Radio9 years ago
what did instructables look like when you started it in august 05?