Asking parents for tobacco pipe, help please

Dear Instructables community,
     I am 16, closer to 17 and for some reason i find nostalgia in pipe smoking. I have never known any pipe smokers but most people in my family have smoked at one time to another. I am wondering if i should ask my parents if  i can smoke a tobacco pipe or just wait in silence till i am 18 and buy it regardless of their opinion. For all those who are going to try to warn me to the risks of tobacco i know. It is proven that pipe smokers also live 2 years longer on average by the surgeon general. Also it would be legal because i spend my summers in Massachusetts where tobacco can be gifted by parents or guardian. None of my friends smoke pipes, i don't think its very popular in my age group at all i want to do it for me, why i am not sure.

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Just so everyone is aware US Surgeon General Study has shown pipe tobacco smokers live on average 3 years longer than non smokers because pipe smokers live a more relaxed life. And yes pipe tobacco is a major contributor to the relaxation in life style. Why else would this small demographic group average a longer life span if even by 3 years?

This week I had to do the same thing. I already enjoy a pipe, but I would much rather smoke to my mom and dad's knowledge then smoke behind their back. Truth is, pipe tobacco in moderation isn't all that bad for you. It's helpful to me, and I enjoy being able to use my pipe as a tool of thought. I kind of "came out of the closet" as a pipe smoker to my parents. It felt tremendously good and was helpful to me in ways I'd never have imagined.

Truth is, I really enjoy the pipe. It gives me time to think, or time to turn off my brain and sun myself on the proverbial rock. It gives me time to contemplate some of the most important issues of my life and what I need to do to improve myself. It helps convey my thoughts into words and sentences, it helps me slow down and take in my surroundings, and it helps with my concentration.

Yesterday, it was my 18th birthday. I got a .22 rifle, a pound of powder, and the ability to enjoy a pipe without fear of my parents chastising me.

I strongly suggest reading this as a guide for pipe smoking and your health. It's a good read.

It's your choice whether or not you want to smoke a pipe. I don't think that unless you accept the potential health risks that you should take it up, it's a very mature thing to decide.

If you want a low cost pipe I'd suggest ordering from Missouri Meerschaum. I've got four of their pipes, the Ozark mountain, the Missouri Pride, a corncob miniature, and an Ozark miniature. They all smoke fabulously and are all less than $6 and American Made to boot. I love them!

Also make sure to use wooden matches, not a butane lighter. And if you want a good tamper then use an spent rifle shell from a 30-30 or something. That's what I use, it works well and is practically free because if you go to the range you'll probably find a good amount just hanging out on the ground.

"Truth is, pipe tobacco in moderation isn't all that bad for you."

Another failure of modern education...

HOMEPIE64 (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
that is horribly insulting. Because you don't agree with the opinion or choice of a legal adult they are a failure from your high and mighty throne. Heads up! In case you didn't know the mortality rate for everyone is 100%. What you do with your life is your decision but to call someone a failure is wrong and that's just an immature comment. If you disagree that's fine but there is no need or want of comments like that. I am tired of crusaders. Who are you to stop or judge someone for there actions be it vice or virtue?
Please, read what I wrote, rather than laying your own prejudices on me. I wasn't insulting anybody, and I wasn't judging anybody, except the education system, of which I am a part.

If a child comes out of a modern education system thinking that "the truth" is that tobacco smoke is basically fine as long as you inhale it "in moderation", then that education system has failed the child.

As for your "justification" that it's OK to smoke because everybody's going to die anyway, the actual "truth" is that smokers have half the chance of surviving to 65 as a non-smoker, and you have obviously never had the experience of watching somebody close to you spend years dying of tobacco-induced cancers.

Pray that you never do.
Wait, who said anything about inhaling? You don't inhale a pipe, that'll mess up the flavor and your lungs. Not all smoking is about getting a nicotine hit, pipes are for relaxation. General Douglas MacArthur was a pipe smoker and lived to be about 84 If I recall correctly, Elmer Keith (inventor of the .44, 41, and .357 Magnum) sure died young at 85 years old. Mark Twain was 75, that was a pretty good life.

You don't inhale pipes, you enjoy the flavor in moderation. You're comparing a wine taster to an alcoholic basically. I smoke a pipe but cigarettes smell like garbage to me, It's a different kind of tobacco.

As for it being addictive, I've smoked a pipe since my early teens and I have a genetic disposition to addiction in my family. However I can just have a pipe, put it down for a week, no withdraws or anything. It's great.
Hmm, three people beat the odds, therefore it's safe.

You don't inhale deeply? Very sensible...
Not just three people, there are many more than that. Look up famous pipe smokers, a majority of them live long lives.

I don't inhale at all actually. And I smoke in moderation, If you want to keep me from smoking you're gonna have to try harder. I don't care what your lifestyle choices are, mind your own business and stay out of mine. If you don't want to smoke then simply don't do it. It's that simple, but I wish to smoke regardless of your disgusting mouth cancer link.

I live a dangerous lifestyle, and pipe smoking is nothing compared to what I could be killed by. Ever hunt wild hog? Ever have a 250 pound wild boar charge you? I was lucky that my .44 caliber bullet was placed correctly. I was indeed lucky that I cleared leather and shot and hit the right spot just in time. I otherwise wouldn't be typing this right now.

After that we BBQ'ed that porker. My friends and myself. Yep, carcinogens from charcoal used to cook the meat. Oooh, guess I should stick with little carrots and celery since that's safer. But you need protein to build muscle right? Well, you can't just eat it raw! Raw meat isn't healthy either, you can get bacteria and viruses. Guess I'll just have to live on the edge.

Speaking of living on the edge, ever try rock climbing without ropes or anything? I think it's called free climbing, a fitting name wouldn't you say? Well that's just what I do, I free climb on big rocks when the opportunity is present. I love it too!

I know that I could fall and die if I'm being stupid or just plain unlucky, but I enjoy doing so despite the danger. I am careful though, and I still haven't ever had any broken bones.

I also throw knives, shoot guns, hunt, fish, build my own firearms, and stuff like that. Yes, a knife could come back and nail me between the eyes. Yes I could have a squib round stuck in the barrel and on the next shot blow my gun up. Yes I could get killed by a wild boar, yes I could drown in the fishing hole, yes I could have a microscopic crack in the receiver or barrel of my firearm and have it explode on me. But do I let that limit me? Nope. Not at all, in fact I enjoy those things even though I could get hurt doing so.

Mortality rates for non-inhaling pipe smokers are two years higher than non-smokers, don't try and explain to me why I should take up knitting instead.

Stick that in your pipe and.. oh wait, nevermind! :)
Now the apples vs oranges "argument".

Hey-ho. I'm not trying to convert you. As you say, how you choose to shorten your life is up to you, and addictions* are usually immune to logical arguments anyway - you probably won't change your mind about smoking until it impacts you personally. In advance, I am sorry.

All I'm doing is making sure that anybody reading this gets some scientific facts as well as romanticised self-deception.

*You may not be addicted to the actual nicotine, but you are addicted to the image you choose to project to the world.
theres also the fact that you can buy organic tobacco which is nothing like the nicotine filled tobacco at a store most cancers come from the processeing not the tobacco.
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