Asking parents for tobacco pipe, help please

Dear Instructables community,
     I am 16, closer to 17 and for some reason i find nostalgia in pipe smoking. I have never known any pipe smokers but most people in my family have smoked at one time to another. I am wondering if i should ask my parents if  i can smoke a tobacco pipe or just wait in silence till i am 18 and buy it regardless of their opinion. For all those who are going to try to warn me to the risks of tobacco i know. It is proven that pipe smokers also live 2 years longer on average by the surgeon general. Also it would be legal because i spend my summers in Massachusetts where tobacco can be gifted by parents or guardian. None of my friends smoke pipes, i don't think its very popular in my age group at all i want to do it for me, why i am not sure.

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Just so everyone is aware US Surgeon General Study has shown pipe tobacco smokers live on average 3 years longer than non smokers because pipe smokers live a more relaxed life. And yes pipe tobacco is a major contributor to the relaxation in life style. Why else would this small demographic group average a longer life span if even by 3 years?

This week I had to do the same thing. I already enjoy a pipe, but I would much rather smoke to my mom and dad's knowledge then smoke behind their back. Truth is, pipe tobacco in moderation isn't all that bad for you. It's helpful to me, and I enjoy being able to use my pipe as a tool of thought. I kind of "came out of the closet" as a pipe smoker to my parents. It felt tremendously good and was helpful to me in ways I'd never have imagined.

Truth is, I really enjoy the pipe. It gives me time to think, or time to turn off my brain and sun myself on the proverbial rock. It gives me time to contemplate some of the most important issues of my life and what I need to do to improve myself. It helps convey my thoughts into words and sentences, it helps me slow down and take in my surroundings, and it helps with my concentration.

Yesterday, it was my 18th birthday. I got a .22 rifle, a pound of powder, and the ability to enjoy a pipe without fear of my parents chastising me.

I strongly suggest reading this as a guide for pipe smoking and your health. It's a good read.http://graemets.tripod.com/Safer_Smoking.htm

It's your choice whether or not you want to smoke a pipe. I don't think that unless you accept the potential health risks that you should take it up, it's a very mature thing to decide.

If you want a low cost pipe I'd suggest ordering from Missouri Meerschaum. I've got four of their pipes, the Ozark mountain, the Missouri Pride, a corncob miniature, and an Ozark miniature. They all smoke fabulously and are all less than $6 and American Made to boot. I love them!

Also make sure to use wooden matches, not a butane lighter. And if you want a good tamper then use an spent rifle shell from a 30-30 or something. That's what I use, it works well and is practically free because if you go to the range you'll probably find a good amount just hanging out on the ground.

"Truth is, pipe tobacco in moderation isn't all that bad for you."

Another failure of modern education...

HOMEPIE64 (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
that is horribly insulting. Because you don't agree with the opinion or choice of a legal adult they are a failure from your high and mighty throne. Heads up! In case you didn't know the mortality rate for everyone is 100%. What you do with your life is your decision but to call someone a failure is wrong and that's just an immature comment. If you disagree that's fine but there is no need or want of comments like that. I am tired of crusaders. Who are you to stop or judge someone for there actions be it vice or virtue?
Please, read what I wrote, rather than laying your own prejudices on me. I wasn't insulting anybody, and I wasn't judging anybody, except the education system, of which I am a part.

If a child comes out of a modern education system thinking that "the truth" is that tobacco smoke is basically fine as long as you inhale it "in moderation", then that education system has failed the child.

As for your "justification" that it's OK to smoke because everybody's going to die anyway, the actual "truth" is that smokers have half the chance of surviving to 65 as a non-smoker, and you have obviously never had the experience of watching somebody close to you spend years dying of tobacco-induced cancers.

Pray that you never do.
Wait, who said anything about inhaling? You don't inhale a pipe, that'll mess up the flavor and your lungs. Not all smoking is about getting a nicotine hit, pipes are for relaxation. General Douglas MacArthur was a pipe smoker and lived to be about 84 If I recall correctly, Elmer Keith (inventor of the .44, 41, and .357 Magnum) sure died young at 85 years old. Mark Twain was 75, that was a pretty good life.

You don't inhale pipes, you enjoy the flavor in moderation. You're comparing a wine taster to an alcoholic basically. I smoke a pipe but cigarettes smell like garbage to me, It's a different kind of tobacco.

As for it being addictive, I've smoked a pipe since my early teens and I have a genetic disposition to addiction in my family. However I can just have a pipe, put it down for a week, no withdraws or anything. It's great.
Hmm, three people beat the odds, therefore it's safe.

You don't inhale deeply? Very sensible...
Not just three people, there are many more than that. Look up famous pipe smokers, a majority of them live long lives.

I don't inhale at all actually. And I smoke in moderation, If you want to keep me from smoking you're gonna have to try harder. I don't care what your lifestyle choices are, mind your own business and stay out of mine. If you don't want to smoke then simply don't do it. It's that simple, but I wish to smoke regardless of your disgusting mouth cancer link.

I live a dangerous lifestyle, and pipe smoking is nothing compared to what I could be killed by. Ever hunt wild hog? Ever have a 250 pound wild boar charge you? I was lucky that my .44 caliber bullet was placed correctly. I was indeed lucky that I cleared leather and shot and hit the right spot just in time. I otherwise wouldn't be typing this right now.

After that we BBQ'ed that porker. My friends and myself. Yep, carcinogens from charcoal used to cook the meat. Oooh, guess I should stick with little carrots and celery since that's safer. But you need protein to build muscle right? Well, you can't just eat it raw! Raw meat isn't healthy either, you can get bacteria and viruses. Guess I'll just have to live on the edge.

Speaking of living on the edge, ever try rock climbing without ropes or anything? I think it's called free climbing, a fitting name wouldn't you say? Well that's just what I do, I free climb on big rocks when the opportunity is present. I love it too!

I know that I could fall and die if I'm being stupid or just plain unlucky, but I enjoy doing so despite the danger. I am careful though, and I still haven't ever had any broken bones.

I also throw knives, shoot guns, hunt, fish, build my own firearms, and stuff like that. Yes, a knife could come back and nail me between the eyes. Yes I could have a squib round stuck in the barrel and on the next shot blow my gun up. Yes I could get killed by a wild boar, yes I could drown in the fishing hole, yes I could have a microscopic crack in the receiver or barrel of my firearm and have it explode on me. But do I let that limit me? Nope. Not at all, in fact I enjoy those things even though I could get hurt doing so.

Mortality rates for non-inhaling pipe smokers are two years higher than non-smokers, don't try and explain to me why I should take up knitting instead.

Stick that in your pipe and.. oh wait, nevermind! :)
Now the apples vs oranges "argument".

Hey-ho. I'm not trying to convert you. As you say, how you choose to shorten your life is up to you, and addictions* are usually immune to logical arguments anyway - you probably won't change your mind about smoking until it impacts you personally. In advance, I am sorry.

All I'm doing is making sure that anybody reading this gets some scientific facts as well as romanticised self-deception.

*You may not be addicted to the actual nicotine, but you are addicted to the image you choose to project to the world.
theres also the fact that you can buy organic tobacco which is nothing like the nicotine filled tobacco at a store most cancers come from the processeing not the tobacco.
And, of course, you have the data to back up this amazing claim...?
No actually I don't this is from when I smoked trying to defend myself and block out danger, I quit since due to studying if what can happen
I "hate" the organic argument: #1: organic material is that which is grown, all tobacco is grown #2: many plants contain arsenic, which is completely organic but not healthy in any way. Breathing in particulates, smoke, dust, asbestos, ANYTHING not gaseous, can cause cancers, especially of the lungs. However, mouth, throat, and larynx cancers are most common with pipe smoking but just as deadly if not halted.
im not saying its good for you its far from healthy but its not as bad as a ciggarete which lots of people instantly think of
It's not as bad as cigerettes IF you mean for the lungs if you don't inhale. BUT it is worse then cigerettes for the mouth, thoat, teeth, etc. Much worse.
Pipe smoke, like cigar smoke, doesn't get into the lungs as much as with cigarette smoking, it impacts the mouth, and throat however. Long term use of either, since some of the "juice" can get into even the voice box, cause many kinds of cancers, some of which are fatal, ALL of which are deforming. I have seen a lot of cigar and pipe smokers with a tracheotomy....not the "preferred" method of talking for sure.
The issue under discussion here is not that it's dangerous and therefore you should not have the freedom to do it. The issue here is that some users are claiming that the danger does not exist, and that is simply not true.
this is true but rare to what i have seen a pipe is NOT safe but its not like yout keeping it i your lungs then again im 19 i dont have much experience
HOMEPIE64 (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
I am done with you, I am, I really am. please keep your anti smoking crusade to the ballot box. The entire point of this post was to look for insight, support, and help in a tricky situation and you have manipulated it to fight your own cause. I am may have enticed you by pulling one fact(on that note i don't want to extend your argument by challenging the use of the word fact). You have though made it into something unpleasant and partially destroyed its helpfulness. I am truly sorry if you lost someone to cancer really, I am but tobacco is not some sort of hypnotic villain. Sure, its addictive but the first time someone has to make a decision and every time after they continue that decision. I think that today every person knows the risks involved, heck their are warnings on the package. You have obviously spoken your piece and then some, but have you really helped the me, in my reason of this post. no, not one bit. So please if any other person happens upon this post I am asking you not to harass them, regardless of your profession or status. I do understand your basis, concern, and I see where it comes from so thank you. But it is not helpful and in reality destructive, not only to myself but to the dying pipe smoking culture, (hopefully reborn).
Anti smoking crusade? He manipulated it to fight for [his] own cause? Made into something unpleaseant and partially destroyed its helpfulness?  Destructive?

Please. Someone disagreeing with you may be painful, but that doesn't make it wrong or evil. Yelling "Shut up shut up shut up shut UP!!" when someone says something that makes you uncomfortable isn't a valiant protest of persecution; it's just childish.

HOMEPIE64 (author)  Lithium Rain4 years ago
if you read the original forum post it was me, 2 years ago asking for suppourt, guidance on how to tell/ ask my parents about smoking a pipe. What ensued? A massive attack on smoking and a tobacco crusade. Sure smoking isn't good for you but I was asking for help and I believe the childish part is not me earnestly asking for help but that i asked and all i got was how bad smoking is etc, not one of the anti tobacco posts were legitimately helpful to me. I'm not saying anyone doesn't have a right to free mind but this was a post for help, not statistics or in a similar way to as you put it "Don't do it, don't do it, don't do it" In the end though yes desperation did end it because yes when someone won't stop what else is there to do when logic fails.
Nope, not true. There was no "massive attack." There was a very short comment contradicting your blatently incorrect statement. Sorry, but you don't get to rewrite history.

I'm so very sorry that you didn't find posts that disagree with you helpful, but I am afraid that on the internet, when somebody says something we disagree with we put on our big girl/boy pants and deal. The point of the forum is not merely to be helpful to you, personally, or to any OP for that matter. Not one poster on the thread is under any obligation to tickle your ears. 

Logic didn't fail because you didn't use logic. Or reading comprehension. Reread the thread. Nobody is saying you shouldn't do it because it is dangerous. What they ARE saying is that you are absolutely, completely, totally, horrifically wrong for saying it isn't dangerous. And you simply cannot defend your original statement with verifiable facts or science.
HOMEPIE64 (author)  Lithium Rain4 years ago
A: please stop talking to me like your my parent, your not I deserve the same respect as any other person you would correspond with on the internet or in person so I'd greatly appreciate it if you stopped talking to me like I am a child.

B: I disagree the immediate purpose of this forum post (if that is what you mean as tickling my ear) was for my help and people who might read and be in a similar situation, certainly the purpose was not to debate the nature of tobacco the posts primary purpose was about me and my parents and how to properly approach the situation, tobacco could have been switched out for a number of other things such as alcohol a risky sport or anything else that they might not have wanted/approved of. So to summarize yes I believe that if I am posting something on someone else's forum then I am obligated to keep my answer to the subject at hand, otherwise we have chaos.

C: keep the sarcasm in check, no one wants to deal or even talk to someone who is half as sarcastic as you are, please just step back and think. When would you listen to a person who is insulting you? I don't understand why you have to be unpleasant to me I don't recall wronging you in anyway
I am not sure exactly where you got the notion that you are in a position to dictate to others what they may post about on the forums, but I can assure you that you are mistaken. Sorry, but there's not even a rule of etiquette that requires us to respect your desire for a personal echo chamber. You can keep asking people not to post at all, or not to post in a manner you dislike, but you will not gain any traction.

As for C: What was that again about not talking to someone else like a parent? I don't recall insulting you. I did use that terrible thing I've heard people use online sometimes, sarcasm. (Oh, no, I did it again!) You seem to be under the mistaken impression that I care about what you think about my use of sarcasm. I don't.

Keep the tobacco apologism in check, no one wants to deal or even talk to someone who is half as tobacco apologetic as you are, please just step back and think. When would you listen to a person who is talking contrary to facts?
HOMEPIE64 (author)  Lithium Rain4 years ago
There is obviously no rule to what people may or may not post, but logic begs that people stick to the topic or title at hand. Else wise they come off as plagued by dementia or schizophrenia. In the same way there are no rules to speaking with other people if someone asks you a question you don't have to respond in a certain way but if you say something completely disenfranchised from the question it just plainly doesn't make sense.

I don't see at all why you think your so special. I really really hope you have something special going for you.

so please tell me why. why do you feel the need to challenge me? i really hope you don't get off feeling like a winner for trying to start an argument. so tell why, or what is your purpose on posting on this forum? please make it concise and I'll do my best to give you the best answer i can.
Else wise they come off as plagued by dementia or schizophrenia.

That's an unnecessarily low blow, and a contravention of the Be Nice policy.

I suggest you respond with verifiable facts, rather than ad hominem attacks.
>they come off as plagued by dementia or schizophrenia...it just plainly doesn't make sense

And I say that's hogwash. There's NEVER been any kind of rule, or even custom really, about staying on topic on this forum. (Also, you've misused "disenfranchised.") Just look around, dude. The only people who talk about staying on topic are those who personally dislike the direction a thread takes.

>I don't see at all why you think your so special. I really really hope you have something special going for you.

Right back at ya, cupcake.

>so please tell me why. why do you feel the need to challenge me? i really hope you don't get off feeling like a winner for trying to start an argument. so tell why, or what is your purpose on posting on this forum? please make it concise and I'll do my best to give you the best answer i can.

You're one of the most arrogant people I've come across (and let me assure you that that is _really_ saying something). I'm not sure why you think it's such a travesty anyone would dare challenge you, or why you think it takes temerity. It doesn't.

I'm not sure why you think I answer to you, but I'll bite. I'm posting because I happen to feel like backing someone who is pointing out that you are spreading misinformation that can and does hurt people, not because I find the feeling of challenging HOMEPIE64's Supreme Sovereign Authority Over The Internet orgasmic, or because it makes me feel sooooooo good inside.

You can continue to try to browbeat me into submission by questioning if the Real Reason Lira Posts is because she needs to feed her insatiable ego, but it's a silly endeavor if the point is to make me feel all sad, make me go away, or post in a manner conforming to your personal preferences.
HOMEPIE64 (author)  Lithium Rain4 years ago
if there is one thing that is definitely worse then tobacco its how corrosively pestering you are, nuff said.
Don't let people get to you like that (corrosive) - there are better things to be doing than internet-bickering...
Conceding this one to Lira was a good move.

I wasn't just posting to you.
This is a publicly-visible forum, and I feel a moral obligation to correct dangerously false statements made in public places.

(I also don't think you fully understand the reasons most people start smoking. Genuine "choice" is frequently not involved, but that's another discussion.)
HOMEPIE64 (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
well I'm sure your class would love the discussion but if I may plead, Id appreciate it if you kept the discussion off this post. It is a shame though I've been on ible since 07 and have seen your posts for years along with lemonie tetranitrate ewihelm etc etc hopefully this hasn't embittered you to greatly against me
We're cool - I'm sensible enough to realise that a single opinion does not define the whole man.
HOMEPIE64 (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
wish there was a like button but in lou *LIKE*
You know, I think that tobacco is being attacked the same way as pot was back in the day. But instead of "Reefer Madness" and all the hilarity we can bask in, we get pictures of people who smoke so much that they have to get a hole in their throat.

Don't listen to alarmists, they are merely trying to scare you and keep you from enjoying those simple pleasures in life. Even though there's danger, you've got to accept it if you wish to smoke pipes. You have my support my friend, I believe in smoker's rights and know for a fact that we both have the right to do what we please given it's legal.

Today I stopped by the drugstore and got myself a new pipe, a Missouri Meerschaum Legend. It's a bent corncob pipe and was very affordable. It smokes cool and dry! It's got a filter too, you can get a box of ten filters for a mere .89 cents. The pipe, was a mere $5, and American made! It's definitely affordable and you get a lot for your money.

Do you have any idea at all about the risks of smoking?

Do you know how many times you need to smoke to be at risk of a fatal cancer?


Not only is second-hand smoke as carcinogenic as smoking yourself (sometimes more so, because you aren't breathing through a filter), even being in the presence of somebody who has recently smoked has been shown to be a cancer risk - if a smoker only smokes outside their home, and never smokes in the presence of their children, their children are still at a much-increased risk of a wide range of cancers.

You want to live on the edge, prove yourself immortally young? Climb a rock, jump off a ferry or drink yourself into a stupor. At least then you're only killing yourself.

I'm done with you, just make sure you keep your medical insurance up to date.

I'm well aware of the real dangers of smoke. I'll be sure that if I get the pleasure of meeting you that I'll blow a big fat cloud of smoke in your face, because according to you if I do that you will die in 30 seconds.

Now excuse me while I go smoke my pipe.
There's health risks in literally everything. You could die while driving a car, or a bike, or you could get some virus on the buss from one of the weirdies and fall fatally ill. I'm not going to live my life in fear, I smoke a pipe because I enjoy it and not because I "need" it. I have made the choice to do so and I'm not letting any anti-smoker change me.

The straight facts are that tobacco DOES contain carcinogens. Then again so does coffee, and those hot dogs you just grilled on the BBQ, I shoot guns and handle lead ammunition. I work with solder and brass sometimes and I get lead on my hands through that. I of course wash them, after I'm done but some little stray particles of lead could linger on my hands.

It's a dangerous world out there. I don't let that stop me from living life the way I want to and neither should you.

If someone wants to enjoy their pipe, it's their body and their choice. Freedom of smoke man, freedom of smoke.

HOMEPIE64 (author)  weaponscollector944 years ago
dear levi!
I'm glad that someone of like mind found this article, but now i am 18, have been since January. I haven't yet told my parents I will... eventually. but If i could suggest getting your hands on on a briar, it would pay off well. Their are a ton of cheap estate savinelli's on eBay that can be attained at a very low cost, between 12 and 30 dollars without shipping. Quite jealous of the 22 though. If you haven't yet you should find the you tube pipe community, namely pipefriendchs or smokeringpipedreams to get started, they are of great help. cheers-
ilpug4 years ago
You could always buy and smoke an electronic pipe.

If you want to, do it. I am sure you know the statistics, bad for you, etc.

If you do, please endeavor to grow your own tobacco and use that, at least to deny the tobacco companies from profiting from you. Plus, it contain less carcinogens. Not none, just less.
Wasagi6 years ago
 It really depends on your parents. If you approach them seriously about it, I can imagine that they would take it pretty well. However, they probably wouldn't let you start smoking, so you'd have to wait until you're 18, I would assume. But, it's all really up to you.

  I've always wondered why the driving and smoking age is lower than the drinking age. I feel that if the drinking age were lowered, people wouldn't feel the pressure to drink and drive so much. And cars and cigarettes tend to mess up your body more than alcohol.
HOMEPIE64 (author)  Wasagi6 years ago
I asked today, they said they dont support it but their are worse habbits, and smoking has many risks. They are allowing it, im psyched its should be allot more fun then flying kites
 I don't know. I personally would like to fly more kites myself.
fly a kite while smoking your pipe!
Will try this.
now that sir is a fine idea lol
Have you considered filling the pipe with shredded beef jerky? I don't mean to sound flip, but it would combine the image you are after with a GOOD smell and presumeably fewer health risks. I know I'd rather share space with someone who smells like BBQ than like tabacco. The downside would be getting followed by drooling dogs and cats.
^not sure if serious....

Yeah, jerky wouldn't light.
super scout4 years ago
Also, smoking on occasion, like; early in the morning on the weekend watching the sunrise, or around the campfire after a nice day of hiking is really not bad at all.
NachoMahma6 years ago
.  You knew what the answer was before you ever asked the question. You were just hoping that someone would reinforce your (misguided) beliefs. Sorry, Charlie; doesn't look like that's going to happen here.
.  To quote Kiteman: Ask yourself - why is a website selling you a tobacco product using a thirty-one year old report to persuade you that their product is safe? [my emphasis]
HOMEPIE64 (author)  NachoMahma6 years ago
i actually am unbiased on this fact to the point that i am not sure whether i will wait a little bit more than a year or do and do it myself, or ask now. I do not now or ever have believed that tobacco was safe, i was simply saying how pipe smoking is less dangerous than cigarette smoking. I also mentioned that pipe smokers live 2 years longer, this was in combination with the thought that smoking a pipe relieves stress
I understand what you are saying, you want to have the relaxing feeling of sitting back, relaxing and smoking a pipe outside, the classic way (smoking a pipe is different then puffing on ciggeretts in public) it has a calming feeling to it that is desirable. Also, every person is different, go and ask your doctor if you can smoke a tobacco pipe for purposes of calming and stress relief.
dude if your going to do it than go ahead build your self a pipe or even better go buy one, i do recommend that you get a glass pipe instead of a wooden one they are better if you wanna actually smoke, and by the way tobacco is on occasion alright but i suggest you start smoking a legal herbal blend that you can order from the internet and when your 21 go to a state that allows cannabis with a licence or card. dont listen to anyone saying tobacco kills or anything, bottom line good stuff comes with risk, if want to then dont be scared. hope it helps
HOMEPIE64 (author)  NachoMahma6 years ago
What about cigar and pipe smoking?

People who smoke cigars or pipes seem to have a higher risk of death from coronary heart disease (and possibly stroke), but their risk isn't as great as that of cigarette smokers. This is probably because they're less likely to inhale the smoke. Currently there's very little scientific information on cigar and pipe smoking and cardiovascular disease, especially among young men, who represent the vast majority of cigar users.

quote form kitemans website.

.  But there is plenty of evidence linking pipe/cigar smoking and oral cancers.

HOMEPIE64 (author)  NachoMahma6 years ago
of course there is risk i believe 2 to 5 times more likely for forms of oral cancers
dude screw tobacc smoke weed marijuana is scientifically proven 10 times less dangerous than tobacco it doesnt cause black lung it doesnt give u cancer plus marijuana has never killed anyone
LEGALIZE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Directly killed anyone, of course not, but indirectly killed someone, that's for sure. Wait, I'll do a little research on the effects of marijuana... Oh, here we go, respiratory problems... plays a role in cancer... and somehow affects the immune system. Also concluded is that marijuana may have more adverse effects than tobacco. Another source also says that initial effects are loss of balance, dry mouth, rapid heartbeat, and loss of coordination. Withdrawal after being chronically exposed may stimulate the stress response system (yeah, that's right, stress). There are other stuff listed. Want sources?


Conclusion: Marijuana intake must be regulated in case of medical use. And it might have killed someone, but who knows? The "hasn't killed anyone" part is somehow true. Indirectly though, smoking weed while driving a car, bad idea.

These are the facts, and I am only the messenger.
DJ Radio6 years ago
Don't smoke at all.  I'm tired of smokers puffing their crap in their air while every non smoker has to smell it.  Seriously, its no different from inhaling smoke if your house was on fire.  The only difference is the nicotine.  The less people that smoke the better.
Your opinion has nothing to do with the question
First of all, I posted that comment over a year ago, and second, there is no real question, I don't see a question mark anywhere in his topic.
yoyology6 years ago
If you are going to smoke, smoke. Nothing anyone says is going to dissuade you if you have already made the decision to do it.

However, if you are honestly interested in unbiased, current information...


The great strength and the great weakness of the Internet is that anyone can post information on a website.  There is a horrifying amount of biased, outdated, and just plain wrong information out there, and it only gets worse when it comes to health data.

Always ask yourself, when you are looking at a website:
  • Who wrote this? (If you don't know, that's your first red flag.)
  • Why?
  • What do they have to gain by putting it online?
Here's a site that is not for profit, with an agenda of promoting health and reducing cancer.  Some of the things they say:
  • "Any smoking is dangerous."
  • "Smokers usually become dependent on nicotine and suffer physical and emotional (mental or psychological) withdrawal symptoms when they stop smoking.... The true marker for addiction, though, is that people still smoke even though they know smoking is bad for them -- affecting their lives, their health, and their families in unhealthy ways. Most people who smoke want to quit."
  • "Most people begin smoking as teens, usually because of curiosity..."
  • "Wherever smoke touches living cells, it does harm. Even if smokers don't inhale, they are breathing secondhand smoke and are still at risk for lung cancer. Pipe and cigar smokers, who often don’t inhale, are at an increased risk for lip, mouth, tongue, and some other cancers, too."
If you don't trust that site, go to your school or public library and ask for published articles on the effects of pipe smoking. Librarians like myself spend our days helping people find good  information about health and other topics. We are professionals, and you don't have to pay us a dime to do it for you.
Kiteman6 years ago
Two years longer than what?

A cigar smoker?

A beagle?
HOMEPIE64 (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
http://www.meerschaumstore.com/health.htm third paragraph or google pipe smokers live longer
Ask yourself - why is a website selling you a tobacco product using a thirty-one year old report to persuade you that their product is safe?

There has been a lot of research since then, and a clearing out of a lot of corrupt practices from "the system".

Have a look at what the surgeon general says about smoking now.  He (?) makes no distinction between the devices used to hold the burning tobacco.

HOMEPIE64 (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
I think that pipe smoking was included in the 70s and 80s report because it was very common, unlike today and that different ways to use tobacco do affect the body differently. with a pipe, like a cigar the tobacco is not to be inhaled unlike cigarettes. In mention of the system wouldn't combining all use of tobacco use into one group saying they are all horrible somewhat of a scare tactic?
Not at all.

There is one simple fact with tobacco - using it shortens your life.

The only real question is which bit of you will be responsible for shortening it most?

Lungs clogged with tar?

Poisoned epithelial cells unable to clear infections from your trachea?

Cancer of the lungs, trachea, mouth ("I don't inhale deeply" is no protection) or colon?  It was bladder cancer that finally took my grandmother, although she took three years to die as her whole body shut down, a piece at a time, including her mind.  Yes, it was tobacco that gave her the cancer.

Heart disease?

Reduced circulation in the extremities (yes, including those extremities, resulting in a loss of libido)?

Is it worth all that, just for an image?

HOMEPIE64 (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
I am not arguing that tobacco is good for you as smoke in all is not good for you. I am as well sorry for the tragic loss of your grandmother in such a manner, my condolences. The part of pipe smoking that is attributed to the longer life by most people is the relief of stress. Some of the greatest minds, Einstein, Twain, and so many other famous people http://fujipub.com/ooops/famous.html . I am not denying any risk of tobacco, but everything is a double edged sword. So many medications today are the same way, look at the warnings in your medicine cabinet every move forward could result in two steps back
"I am not arguing that tobacco is good for you..."

Yes, you are.  You claimed that pipe smokers live two years longer on average than non-smokers.

Just because famous people smoked before they knew the risks of tobacco does not mean that you, or anybody else, is right to smoke.

Tobacco is not double-edged.  It has no beneficial side, except to the wallets of the tobacco companies and taxing governments.

HOMEPIE64 (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
then tell me please, what joy can a man have that is pure of risk or any product that no one reaps a benefit of ? Is it coincidence that pipe smokers lived longer on average on the reports? Kiteman i am not here to fight you, this has become a matter of opinon now, we each can dig up facts and reports. I came looking for help, not an argument.
Thankyou for your time and effort though
It is old data (31 years, remember?) - if anything, it is a badly-reported (tobacco-promoting website, remember?  You haven't checked the original report, never mind accessed the raw data) artefact of lifestyle - what else does the typical pipesmoker do that can affect lifespan?

This is not opinion.  This is fact.

There is no valid data that indicates any benefit from any use of tobacco.

You want help?  Here is my help - don't smoke.  There are cheaper, quicker and less anti-social forms of self-harm.
HOMEPIE64 (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
how is older factual information less factual? and since when did the surgeon general support smoking? the surgeon general is biased against smoking yet it reported in several reports that pipe smokers lived longer. just google pipe smokers live long, youll be barged by sites and facts, reports and tests.
Check your history - doctors used to recommend smoking as a way clearing up chest infections.

Don't bias your search results by looking for evidence of longer life.  Search for pipe smoking statistics:
Passive smoking, and even third hand smoke are a hazard to others, no matter what you smoke.

A few moments of googling found the answer in a 2007 study that identified the effects of different kinds of smoking:
The number of total life-years lost due to cigar or pipe smoking was 4.7 years. Moreover, cigarette smoking reduced the number of disease-free life-years by 5.8 years, and cigar or pipe smoking by 5.2 years.
That is, typical pipe or cigar habits reduced the length of the average healthy life by 9.9 years.

HOMEPIE64 (author)  Kiteman6 years ago


Try following your own link properly.

All your data says is that pipes are less dangerous than cigarettes, IF you don't inhale, and IF you hardly ever actually use them.

Try finding data to show pipe smoking is healthy that is less than 31 years old (that link is to a report 46 years old!).
HOMEPIE64 (author)  Kiteman6 years ago

this is my opinion summed up
Finally, you admit that it is opinion only.
HOMEPIE64 (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
no that is not what i am saying. I would also like to say that i do not enjoy your crusade against tobacco.
And I am offended by websites that fool young people into thinking that pipe and cigar smoking is practically harmless, even beneficial, by quoting reports that are decades out of date, produced at a time when tobacco producers could get away with bribing and corrupting government officials into only publishing favourable data.

Admit it - there is no safe form of tobacco.  The only reports which can be twisted to say a form of tobacco is "almost safe" were written decades before proper controls were in place.
HOMEPIE64 (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
I admit nothing to you, you are being close minded and stubborn
So show us the evidence - find a current, peer-reviewed paper that asserts the safety of pipe smoking.

Go on, prove that I am closing out evidence.

You'll forgive me if I don't hold my breath, even if I do have a significantly higher capacity to do so than the typical smoker.

HOMEPIE64 (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
also like many things it is important to not abuse privileges such as alcohol smoking and eating. Alcohol has similar risks involved and unhealthy eating habits cause diseases like diabetes and possibly death. anything in excess is bad. smoking is no different, pipe smoking has been going on since the 1600s and before with the native americans, since then people have grown to understand that smoking is harmful. I agree. I though don't think the fear of death should stop people from living, we can live the healthiest lives we possibly can but we will all die, but when we look back how much will we have to say when we live a bland life?
Alcohol in moderation has proven medical benefits.  A diet can be adjusted to be healthy.

The same cannot be said of tobacco.
Wasagi Kiteman6 years ago
 I agree that cigarettes are disgusting, and are one of the worst possible things you can do to your body short of Russian roulette, but they do help relieve stress. My older brother recently came back from Iraq, and everyone took up smoking, mostly to relieve the stress, even more so with PTSD. I'm not condoning smoking, and I don't think that people should ever start unless they have a serious situation. 

I do think that the risks far outweigh the benefits. My uncle recently died of lung cancer and complications, and I definitely think that it is one of the most horrible ways to die.

 Wow, this comment would definitely be ruled "Dilatory" in a debate situation
HOMEPIE64 (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
the general population
Pipe smokers live longer? 

Whatever, the mortality rate when all factors are taken into account is invariably 100% for everyone, so do what makes you happy.
HOMEPIE64 (author)  Tool Using Animal6 years ago
when the mortality rates of pipe smokers averaged vs the general public averaged.
Koosie6 years ago
Besides all the talk about smoking and cancer, all of the pipe smokers I've seen have yellow stained teeth and beard (those that have a beard, but doesn't it go with the look, I'm thinking Gandalf). 

I'm not a smoker myself but have always thought of the pipe as a wiser persons smoking tool.

What do you think about the hubbly-bubbly?
HOMEPIE64 (author)  Koosie6 years ago
I am not quite sure what a hubbly-bubbly is I'm sure that good oral hygiene would adequately  fight the stain of tobacco which is not unlike the stain coffee leaves on teeth. When i think of a pipe smoker I see an expierienced worldly person full of advice and a good perspective
It's a hookah pipe.  You puff on the pipe which pulls the smoke through the coal on the flavourant through water.  In doing so, it bubbles (obviously).  Hence the name.

It's not something you carry around with you while smoking but it is very quick to set up.  I think it's from India (not sure though)

It gets really interesting when some fool replaces the water with brandy or vodka!

I'm with you on the good oral hygiene.  One can never really have enough.

As for the type of person, I've got that same image, but then you get these:

As said by others it's a choice, either do it and tell them or don't...

Honestly parents don't like smoking or lying, however it depends about their views on your decisions in life...  
HOMEPIE64 (author)  killerjackalope6 years ago
not tell but ask, i have not started yet. i want but i see what your talking about, the only thing i see against asking them is that for some reason im afraid theyll see me in a different light
They're going to do that eventually... Sometimes they do and just don't let on... I got a nasty shock the other week when my mum sat down for a conversation, awful blunt way to put it compared to her usual standards... 

Eh, if you actually think that coming to them for advice and their input on something may make them see you in a negative way then maybe you are worrying too much, have you actually tried pipe smoking, personally it's just not for me and seems to be an acquired taste...
HOMEPIE64 (author)  killerjackalope6 years ago
I probably am worry too much, and i have not. But i do find that i like the sort of stuff like it, black coffee and strong flavors. I have had cigars that were pipe tobacco, loved them if its worth anything
Admittedly I do enjoy good strong coffee and a nice cigar... I imagine we'd see eye to eye there...

I wasn't saying don't, just that it is particular, you may well like... One thing though, make sure they don't get confused and think you're just smoking weed, most parents suspect that first about pipes, even wooden ones... 
HOMEPIE64 (author)  killerjackalope6 years ago
yea, I dont think they would think that i would. If they did allow me i dont think they would encourage it but simply allow it
lemonie6 years ago
At your age you can either do it, or you have to ask permission. I don't see much value in asking the internet - just do it (or don't). But do have a good explanation for your progenitors...

HOMEPIE64 (author)  lemonie6 years ago
so many questions are do or dont, what is variable is the the circumstances and the intentions and objectives. I for some reason feel a fear that they will not trust me or something of the sort.
HOMEPIE64 (author)  lemonie6 years ago
I thought about that but if they find it or find out ill be in the hole for smoking, lying, sneakiness, and either hanging out  with the wrong people or paying someone to buy me tobacco and a pipe or buying them online withou telling them.
I meant buy a pipe and show them - "I'm not smoking it, I just like the look", sort of thing