Aspies should not be treated as inferier

Not everything that steps out of line, and thus "abnormal", must necessarily be "inferior".

Hans Asperger (1938)

I step out of line ALL the time when people that I know to know better, treat me as inferior!

 Peter, (2010)


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Lateral Thinker (author) 7 years ago
But we get on great when I get treated as an equal, and I will never ever treat them as inferior because they keep on and on unwittingly proving they got less IQ than me.
I do admit they can communicate better than me, but then, so can politicians. :-) (Peter 2010)  
Who is Peter - you?
(Correct inferier to inferior)

Lateral Thinker (author)  lemonie7 years ago
Yes Lemoine, I often sign as Peter.

As for spelling, it depends if you use UK USA AUZ NZ 1800s 1900s 2000s versions of spelling.

If you understood my spelling, then certainly everybody can.

I suggest you need to stop going around correcting me everywhere. i am catching up on a backlog of comments and already know you been correcting me over on the Resources Forums.

I have not run away, my time has gone into fixing a mates laptop with a bad virus that disabled all means of getting AV software onto the HDD, and booting up from a restore disk.

The virus put up a damn good fight, but lost.
I can not point to errors, but since you write very well I'm only picking up things which I think you'd probably like to fix.
Glad you got the virus fixed - which one out of interest?

Lateral Thinker (author)  lemonie7 years ago
 what you saw is the tip of the ice berg, without a Word Processor and spell checks, I can not write. 99% of my spelling was corrected after 60% had been misspell during my work today

Years ago, for a change, I decided to do some study, I signed up at the psyche hospital school, run by the polytechnic. everybody does Correspondence School lessons (thats run by the government) Everybody but me was Intellectually Handicapped, 2 teachers helped with problems, I found I could not study there, so began helping my new friends via one to one, and studied at home. I even showed the teacher copy and paste tricks on their Amiga 500, she did not realize it was muliti tasking and you could have two documents open

2 years later I appeared at a vocational trainer provider, as a volunteer  to teach computers, and found my friends there, they greeted me as a friend, the manager thought I was a new trainee, so kept me waiting an hour before signing me in. Woops, in front of me, she badly mistreated some trainees. When she finally spoke to me and found I was not a trainee, too late, I had recorded everything, an hour later, I was on the phone to her head office. The guy she mistreated, had Downs Syndrome and was a friend of mine, and so was his mother, we had meet in advocacy areas. Her son also did computer studies at the Polytech when I was there, one day, loud music came from his work station, he got cuagth, rather than study, he had bored a hole thru the firewall and been downloading MP3s Students wwere allowed to burn Cds of their work folder, rather that text files, his was ful of MP3

Anyway, running out of causes after finishing Accounting, I did a fun course, Writing Effective English which I did really need, I was really well known for my letters to editor. My correspondence school tutor told me, she did care what my spelling was like, as long as the words were correctly recognized, she wanted to see my IDEAS, not spelling

so, excuse spelling above, check out the following for my otyher writings, tonight I am puting a new item up, my aspie assessment report

PS be nice and say hello to Ms Chris above, (Meandmytre...) she is our latest Aspie. Be nice or I will sic Ms Lithium on you.

some items I uploaded on behalf of friends
Ah thankyou (again, you're always a good read).
I find it hard to do a lot of text, but You reminded me of when Multitasking was a real FEATURE of a machine, like VGA graphics I suppose.

Yes, I've taken note, please spare me "The Rain"!

Lateral Thinker (author)  lemonie7 years ago
 was not really mulitasking, more like time sharing with a fast CPU

Can you believe it ran about 8mhz

But from a 48K Spectrum, 512K RAM and floppy, was what I believe was a super computer

look at it now, the laptop manages a dual core, (any faster, it would go back in time) and now we worry about bandwidth to the WWW

Imagine running Win 3.1 on todays Win 7 hardware.

But what can you do with faster than light Win 3.1?
Oh yes, I've got Win 3.1, I do wonder what would actually work on it if it were installed, but it would be very fast I think. I once played with a 5 1/4 dual-disk machine (no HDD) it was hooked-up to a a spectrophotometer or similar. Apparently some students had written their theses on it.

Lateral Thinker (author)  lemonie7 years ago
"But it would work very fast"

Doing what? No things like processing video in those days.

PS, the laptop went on-line today, my mate asked if it was all set up for wireless.

I had considered disabling the wireless networking, but I am not thy brother's keeper.
Doing what? Well, the best games would technically be using DOS, so I don't know what Win would be good for...

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