Assasins creed hidden blade mechanism?

I want to make a assasins creed hidden blade but i need to know if my mechanism would work. I drew it in paint . red means when the ring is pulled

Picture of Assasins creed hidden blade mechanism?
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lemonie5 years ago
What's this continuing obsession with hidden blades? Has no one seen Taxi Driver these days..?

No. Don't you ruin this beautiful fantasy we've constructed.
Thrasym lemonie5 years ago
I think they're one of those things that mesmerize people until they gain a more realistic view. Just from the hyped up way they're portrayed in the media. Like nunchucks, most popular (loved) and misunderstood (useless) ninja weapon ever.
lemonie Thrasym5 years ago
Oh yes, Nunchucks...

jonnybo1115 years ago
check this video on youtube it will solve everything at once
GASSYPOOTS5 years ago
dooable just melt a knex part with a link from a lego chain and create the rest