Atlatl Darts (up to 8ft)

These are meant to go with the atlatls that I am also selling. They are carefully handmade and are of good quality. I currently have 8 ready for sale, they will be listed on ebay and etsy as soon as my computer is fixed (cpu died, can't figure out how to upload pictures onto my moms computer, so I can't list them for sale yet). I plan to sell the ones I have now as two sets of four darts for $32 + shipping.

I can make them whatever length you want up to 8ft. They are 3/8" in diameter. Request ones that are 1ft longer than you are tall if you buy some from me because the long darts like that are much easier to throw accurately.

Any darts over 4ft long will be shipped as 2 parts that plug into each other at a joint in the middle of the dart. Friction holds them in place during use. They can be pulled back apart for easy transport. I am asking less for darts 4ft and under because they do not have this joint.

Picture of Atlatl Darts (up to 8ft)