An atlatl is an ancient weapon for throwing spear-like darts. They have basically the same use as a bow but they throw a larger dart, and I think they have been around for a lot longer.

To see a video of my atlatls in action, paste this adress into your browser:

I view weapons as a way of expressing both technological and artistic/creative capability. I've come up with a good design for an atlatl and have started making them. I am selling them on ebay and etsy. So far I have made 5 and I plan to make more at some point (all have sold). The finishes that I will offer are plain wood, various stain colors, and burned with linseed oil. I also add leather wrapped handles, weight stones, and other accessories to some. The ones shown are a dark stain with urethane one, a burned with oil one, a light stained one, and a sanded only one.
One is now listed for sale on ebay. To see it just search "atlatl" on ebay or etsy and look for the pictures seen here. Please send me a message if you want to negotiate about price or have a special request or something.

Picture of Atlatl
NealKipper1 year ago
Atlatls were integral to human evolution because they provided meat through hunting, a key source of protein for brain development.