Attach Pasta Maker to Kitchen Aid Mixer

Can someone come Up with an easy tutorial on Attaching a Pasta Maker to Kitchen Aid Mixer ?
The Pasta Maker has a Manual Cranking Handle.
I have seen Kitchen Aids with the attachment and would like to convert mine.

Picture of Attach Pasta Maker to Kitchen Aid Mixer
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nacho21001 year ago

There has been a potential half solution created via 3d printer.

thrifty481 year ago

That link is brill dholloch . I`m trying to find a way to attach a pasta machine to my kenwood chef mixer . pity there wasn`t just a a small connecting attachment available to buy.

dholloch1 year ago

Almost exactly what you're looking for:

I realize that this is a pretty old request, but I came across this yesterday:

Using some of his steps, I'm sure that this can be done.

bastlynn2 years ago

Maybe something like:

hmuckleroy2 years ago

If someone would be so kind as to just tell me what size the Kitchenaid PTO is, I can run with it.

The kitchenaid pasta maker attaches to the front power hub, there are other adapters available for other products (, this should not be that hard. the power port attachment for my meat grinder has a tapered outer part that tapers from 7/8" of an inch to 3/4 at the "kitchenaid" side. Inside is the actual PTO part which is a square part that is 7/16" on each side and protrudes 1/2" from the external portion of the housing. The part that would need to go into a pasta maker is a round shaft about 5/16" across with a spline on each side that measures just under 1/8" square with an overall cross section of the spline side of 7/16".

LoganM6 LoganM62 years ago

here are images of the power attachments


You need a flexible steel cable.

Kitchenaid makes a pasta roller attachment for their mixer that works very well. Perhaps you could sell your manual roller and apply the proceeds toward the proper attachment.
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