Attempting to make my own toe prosthesis...

Any helpful suggestions? I'll explain my situation: I have a partial right big toe amputation. basically, the entire tip end where the nail is supposed to be is gone, right to the joint, leaving me with a stubby, short half-toe. I've found some companies that will make realistic prosthetic toes, fingers, ears, etc, but the cost is too much for me. ($3000 for something with a life expectancy of only 2 -3 years!) I've decided to make my own using silicone. My plan is to make a mold of my sister's toe and fill it with silicone. I'll also mold my poor little stub, make a plaster replica of it, and stick it into the silicone-filled mold of my sister's toe. The idea is to custom-fit it to my toe. The parts that I'm finding difficult are painting it to look realistic, and also finding an acrylic nail large enough to pass as a large toenail. If anyone has any suggestions, or even a better method, please feel free to enlighten me! Thanks.

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jen234 years ago
i have my right toe gone well not gone gone half with no nail i have a fake toe i had to pay about 4000 dollars but the place that i got it from did my fake toe for free because i love to swim but i get really sad because i had go to camp my mom gave me open toe shoes and that was the only thing hag so i just hind my foot from 300 people at camp i was really mad before grade 9 my mom called this girl who made toes,feet,ears and i was under 14 at the time i got my fake toe it looked so real i was so happy i will tell you wear i got my free toe.
mjrouse jen233 years ago

Hi Jen,

I could make you just as happy for half the price. I have plenty of experience and would love to help.

Michael J L R

RockyR4 mjrouse2 years ago

hi can u pls provide your email id or contact number. Thanks

The Silicone Centre


hello! Where are you located? I'm interested and want to hear more about the silicone centre

DustinW1 jen233 years ago

Hey Jen23,

Can I get the information of the girl who made your toe? I'm looking to get one made for as cheap as possible. Thank you!

jen23 jen234 years ago
the fake toe i was talking bout
PatriciaC152 years ago
datasouth2 years ago
moonmean2 years ago

Did you already heard about the Pixie Dust from pig bladder by dr badylak it can regrows amputated area

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