Attention! All other Logic Bows are now obsolete

Well I took apart my sniper because it had really bad range, and I though well what now.

I built a Logic Bow

The new version is shorter, cleaner and much better looking. It also is a heck of alot more powerful. The new design incorperates a pin guide that prevents the pin from lifting when fired (this was my biggest gripe with the original)

It is better than any other version in every way.

I will be posting this as a seperate instructable as basicly the entire gun has been redesigned. Unfortunately I cannot post any pictures until I have found the charging cable for my camera ='(.

thats all for now.

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1825157 years ago
So? Where is it? its been over amonth
look at his most recent forum topic.
DJ Radio7 years ago
Who cares when you don't have pictures?
SHADY'S NEW ALBUM IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First of all, I know, and second, why the f**k are you bumping up an old topic just to tell me that?
 Agreed. Even though I don't see why he would lie or anything like that about this, the fact is: No pictures, no proof.

...And the fact that he didn't even tell pretty much anything about the gun. Pictures are very important in a topic like this....
Fred the Penguin (author)  dsman1952767 years ago
Ratchet behind handle
pin guide
direct pullback trigger
compact design
good sights
sturdy design

I would tell you range but it's raining here so I can't go outside to test, also I can't find the camera charger to get pictures.
 "Direct pullback trigger"......what?

Sorry, I guess i'm getting behind the times in K'NEX now-a-days....

Beside that, sounds good. Just a quick note, in the future, you might want to wait to find your camera and get pictures before posting about it(I believe I've fallen victim doing this on a number of occasions.).
Fred the Penguin (author)  dsman1952767 years ago
pulls staight back instead of turning on an axle. I know its not good to talk before you can put up a pic but I'm so dang proud of it, it has the best stock I've made on it, it looks sick!
Straight/Direct Trigger pullback means the trigger moves straight backwards, not in a swinging motion such as on an axle. The S/D Trigger would be between a rail of sorts.
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