Attention Knex Lovers

Hey fellow Knex users! It is good to see the best toy ever invented is still alive and well. There are some really cool inventions, models, ideas and pictures here. I would love to see more of your models! Check out my site Knex Toy Zone and feel free to upload and post all your images.

Long Live Knex!

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jayg5000 (author) 10 years ago
I'm not really advertising since it is it costs nothing to do anything on my site. I just wanted to share what I have on my site with everyone. I hope we can all enjoy eachother's Knex models.
crestind jayg500010 years ago
So convincing. Even if I was going to your site, the link doesn't work. Three times is a bit many for sharing.
Mepain crestind10 years ago
Works for me.
smidge14710 years ago
Danny10 years ago
the link is corrupt
This isn't the place to advertise..especially seeing as you just joined today.