Attention New Members of the Nominating Instructable Group!

Hello members of the "Nominating Instructables to be Featured" Group! (the NIF for short) I would like to extend a thanks for the people who joined:


We always welcome new members to our group so join now by clicking here.

The "Nominating Instructables to be Featured" Group is all about supporting great instructables.

"I just joined the instructables community a couple days ago. I'm not exactly new and knows how the featuring process works. I've been poking around the site and there are some unfeatured instructables that I feel like were missed. I decided unfeatured instructables should have a chance to get recognition too! I created this forum topic for people to nominate instructables that they feel like should be featured. Anyone can suggest something. I might even create a group to "feature" some of these nominated ones. Suggest away!"

This group allows all members to suggest instructables that they think should have been featured. You can PM me your suggestions any other way you can get them onto this group.
Please join to recognize some of your favorites!

Also this is a place where people can interact. Like the Volunteers group, members can receive or offer help. This is a great place for new members and old pros and everyone in between to help others on instructables.

New on "Nominating Instructables to be Featured" Group (NIF)

Nominated Instructables include:


Flourless Fat-free Rice Cake by italiancooking
Cinnamon and Sugar Apples by miso_soup
Hobo Pie Pizza by the_burrito_master


Zebra-Stripe your Nails! by VampireFrancesca
Up-cycled Dog Sweater by jessimata
DIY Calligraphy by mhudnall
Pet Memorial (or Tribute) in a Can by Ninzerbean

Join now to nominate your favorite instructable. We'll be waiting!

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vishalapr6 years ago
I want to join as well...because it sounds like a fun job!
I joined but I have one question...will our suggestions be shown to the community team so that they can think about featuring them?
kelseymh7 years ago
Another suggestion...Groups can have instructables directly attached to them (they show up under the "Most Popular" section bar on the group's Web page).

Rather than you having to continually edit both this topic text and the Group's introduction, why not just add the nominees directly? In the text, you can refer people to that list.

I think (but I'm not 100% sure), that when an I'ble gets featured, the banner will be displayed in the group thumbnails as well, so we can see at a glance whether this idea of yours is working or not :-)
SkysTheLimit (author)  kelseymh7 years ago
I thought that you have to be the author to add the instructable onto the group. Are you suggesting of asking people to add their instructables that are already nominated? That's a good idea :)

And that would be great! It's like a success rating! Awesome.
Actually, you don't need to be the author. You have to be a member of the group, and then you can add any I'ble you like to the group(s) you're a member of.
SkysTheLimit (author)  kelseymh7 years ago
Really? How would you go about doing that? I only see the "Add yours" button under group instructables.
It seems that a bug report is in order. I'm referring to the process which Noah documented three years ago.

I see that some time recently the "Add to your groups" box has been removed from the right sidebar. I don't know whether that was done deliberately or inadvertently, so I'm going to report it.
SkysTheLimit (author)  kelseymh7 years ago
Okay thank you. I was wondering if the problem was on just my computer, but apparently not. I hope they make the feature available again.
Oh I didn't even know about that feature. It could be really useful. And nice idea, SkysTheLimit.
SkysTheLimit (author)  jen77147 years ago
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