Audio triggered by motion sensor

Hello, I am an artist and want to do a sound installation. Basically I want a movement sensor that activates sounds. There will be about 15 different sounds and each time someone passes by the movement sensor will activate a different track. Can you help me with that?!?!? I need to know how can it be done!!! Thank you Fernanda

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there have many products in market can do it.use voice module and motion sensor,can set mode play next track,then each trigger will activate next track,or set random play,each trigger can activate different track.
PIR sensor or shadow sensor is Ok
Goodhart4 years ago
What I would do, but it would take a little research to get the correct componants, would be to scronge a motion detector to harvest just the IR led and sensor from, and then hook up you playing device (digital would be easiest) to a stepper IC like the 4516 CMOS 0-15 (16 steps in all) counter. Each time the sensor was triggered, it count up one (or down one) and play the next selection.

The easy way out is to use an Arduino or Raspberry, but what's the fun in that :-)
Oh I forgot to mention this little tutorial on said ic's
nerdgrl4 years ago
rcisneros7 years ago
The simplest thing would be to get motion activated porch light. Instead of lights install a socket plug. Then just plug in your audio device to the plug. When it activates, it will turn your device.
g chord8 years ago
Try buying a recording kit, speaker kit, and a sensor that will react to those kits at your local electronics store.
caitlinsdad9 years ago
There are other electronics whizzes that should chime in but you could mod this motion detector to another randomizer sound/voice module. Will this be hooked up to a computer to play the tracks? Can you use one of those alarm sensors that activate by just breaking the light beam when you cross the path?