Augmented Reality Magic

Check out this mix of augmented reality with old-fashioned magic for a cool combination. Augmented reality involves processing a video stream and adding extra visual effects to what is happening in real time. Very much worth a look.

via Make blog

Picture of Augmented Reality Magic
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tinker2345 years ago
very nice idea
yourcat7 years ago
that's... odd.

and I'm the first person to view this topic!
fwjs28 yourcat7 years ago
im the 371st
PKTraceur7 years ago
That is the COOLEST thing ever. He pulled 5 fives, (I think,) and I didnt see any two's. Oh well, it's magic.

zs PKTraceur7 years ago
i know of two two' s in the 24/7 part
Plasmana7 years ago
It is amazing how well he can handle those cards...
Goodhart7 years ago
Very nice. He has indeed had a LOT of practice with card handling.