August "Go Pro" Sales Event

As part of our drive to get you sporting a shiny new Pro Account, we are holding a special "Go Pro" sales event which will be running through August 27th!

What's in it for you besides an array of great Pro features like less advertising, custom PDF downloads and digital patches?

If you act now, we promise to immediately hit Eric Wilhelm with a pie when we achieve our goal of 3,500 Pro subscribers!

To sweeten this special summer deal, for every 250 subscriptions above our 3,500 Pro user goal, we promise to hit him with another pie by years end (at the discretion of the Instructables feature team). So, if we get 4,500 subscribers, he gets four extra pies!

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, if you register today and post a message below, you will receive 5 extra digital patches to give away (regardless of the plan you sign up for) and a digital kiss from the Instructables staff member of your choice!

We currently have 1,502 Pro users as of 8/03/2009.

Let the games begin! Upgrade to Pro here.

Fine print:
1. We must achieve our 3,500 user goal by 5PM PDT August 27th for any pie throwing to take effect.
2. "Immediately hit Eric Wilhelm with a pie" should be translated "as soon as humanly possible." We cannot guarantee he will answer the door in the middle of the night.

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Dangit! This sort of thing should be an email! I only saw this today =(<br />

Did we hit 3500 or not??

I wanna see some ewilhelm pie-ing!
Who's Wilhelm and why are we ganging up on him?
(Just a tad curious.)

Eric Wilhelm is the CEO and co-founder of instructables. If you read the topic you see that if we get enough pro members it's promised he will be hit with a PIE, which is AWESOME. =]<br />
So we don't like instructables and pie. 0_o
Is it a poisoned pie?
Because then it would be funnier (and less incarcerating)to just
eat a pie in front of him and just be all "WHOA this is the best pie...EVER.."
Don't poison pie, thats just wrong. I'ts pie.
(I am for some reason hungry now.)

And yes public pie hitting is capital letters level AWESOME. XD

No poison! Just good-natured CEO pieing! :D
Given that their "deadline" was 27 August, I would venture to say, um, "No."
=[<br />]
aeromancy8 years ago
You should have another for October/November!
DJ Radio8 years ago
Did they make it?
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