Austin Maker Faire Caption Contest

In looking back at Eric's Austin Maker Faire images, we have found one that has left us speechless. Perhaps you can find the words the describe it!

Post your caption as a comment below. There is a limit to 3 entries per person. The winner will be announced the end of the day on Wednesday.

The prize will be a copy of Sew Subversive.

A panel of elite judges have reviewed all the entries... and the winner:

"Note to self: never make another bet with Eric." -- Adrian monk

Picture of Austin Maker Faire Caption Contest
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YAY! I won! W00t!
wudyah know... it's right at the top... did the best of ibles ever arrive?
*sobs* No...
Send an email to that chapy again...
I'm afraid of annoying him. I do not want to annoy he with the instructables book...I'll give him another week.
whats the worst that could happen? maybe he would think its lost in the mail and send you a second one, then you would have 2!
"it's right at the top"
showing of your smartness to the ladies huh?
: D I rely on my charm...
.... eating lucky charms for breakfast doesn't help sorry
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